New Tomb Raider Poster Offers Closer Look at Lara Croft

Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider

A new Tomb Raider poster offers a closer look at Alicia Vikander's Lara Croft. The first Tomb Raider poster from Warner Bros' reboot raised eyebrows for its bizarre photo shopping of Vikander, whose neck appeared strangely rubbery. The Oscar winning Vikander takes over the role from original Lara Croft Angelina Jolie, herself an Oscar winner.

After beginning life as a popular (though now quaint-looking) Playstation game, Tomb Raider first hit theaters in 2001, with a sequel following in 2003. A new generation was introduced to Lara Croft with the 2013 release of a new game with stunning updated graphics. Reboot film director Roar Uthaug promises a movie heavily inspired by the action-packed games. The first Tomb Raider trailer made it obvious that the adventures of Vikander's Croft will look and feel a lot like the video game experience.

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Warner Bros. has released a new poster for their rebooted Tomb Raider featuring star Alicia Vikander looking every inch the intense action heroine. Is there a hint of Hunger Games' Katnisn Everdeen here as well? See the poster below.

The new Tomb Raider sees Lara Croft, seven years after her father vanished, working as a humble bike courier while studying at college. After refusing the call, Croft is at last compelled to look into her father's disappearance, which launches her on an adventure that puts her every skill to the test. Vikander in a recent BTS video explained why she took on the grueling role of Croft.

Known for her roles in gentile costume dramas, Vikander makes the leap into action spectacle with Tomb Raider. Vikander hopes to establish herself as an action heroine as Jolie did when she stepped into Lara Croft's boots. Jolie's career took off on a new path after Tomb Raider, with roles in action fare like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wanted and Salt.

The first two Tomb Raider movies with Jolie were sizable box office hits, though not exactly blockbusters. Based on very simplistic, cartoonish games, those films were by and large schlocky. Jolie's appearance, inspired directly by the games, also shamelessly played to the male gaze. Things of course have changed in action movies since the Jolie Tomb Raider films, and more so since last year's Wonder Woman. We'll see if the new Tomb Raider plays to the same audience that so strongly embraced Wonder Woman. Nowadays, it won't be enough for Vikander to pout her way through a silly adventure.

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