Tomb Raider: Alicia Vikander 'Disappointed' By Lack of Women

Tomb Raider star Alicia Vikander reveals she is disappointed there are so few female roles in her upcoming Tomb Raider reboot.

Up there with Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley, and Wonder Woman, Lara Croft is one of the biggest feminine icons that you wouldn't want to mess with. Still, that hasn't stopped Vikander as the leading star of the latest Tomb Raider reboot critiquing her own movie for a lack of representation for the fairer sex. Although fans are promised a grittier and more powerful version of the character other than just some eye candy, Vikander has pointed out a very personal issue for herself.

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Speaking on BBC's The One Show (via Digital Spy), the 29-year-old made her feelings quite clear when host Alex Jones said she was disappointed that all apart from two roles went to men:

"I got to work with Kristin Scott Thomas and she is an extraordinary actress, but me too, yeah, I agree. I was wondering on this island, 'There is not enough women, where are they?' I was running around looking for them!"

While Vikander plays the titular Croft, Scott Thomas plays Ana Miller, an associate at Croft Holdings. Interestingly, while it may seem shocking that Tomb Raider has only two women in its all-star cast, it will still reportedly passes the Bechdel Test. This means that at least two women share a scene talking to each other about a subject that isn't men.

The game series of which the movie is based on isn't exactly known for its representation of women apart from the hot pants-wearing lead, and to be honest, neither were the two Angelina Jolie movies in 2001 and 2003. Both Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life didn't star a single actress apart from Jolie's starring role. In general, the subject of Lara Croft's image has become something of a talking point over the years, going from scantily clad sex symbol with pistols on her side to intelligent archeologist in more recent outings.

The games have certainly adapted to include a more 21st Century version of Lara, so where are all the supporting women in her big-screen adventures? Ultimately, if Tomb Raider fares well enough at the box office to warrant a sequel, Vikander's comments will surely be taken on board by whoever directs next. The star only recently spoke at the Göteborg Film Festival in Sweden and said that even strong female characters are alone in the movies when compared to their male counterparts. Either way, fans can soon see a female-first Lara Croft pick up her bow and take aim at the men of Hollywood when Tomb Raider hits theaters.

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Source: Digital Spy

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