Tomb Raider Movie & Game: Side-By-Side Comparison Trailer

It is time for Lara Croft to draw back her bow once more, because there is a new era of Tomb Raider movies finally on the horizon in a first-look trailer. Once fans have absorbed all the brilliance of someone other than Angelina Jolie in the role, a new side-by-side video shows just how much effort Warner Bros. has put into bringing a faithful adaptation of the Tomb Raider games to theaters.

Alicia Vikander will be plaiting her hair to play the titular "Tomb Raider," sticking on a pair of desert boots to play the harder-than-nails archeologist on her latest adventure. Hopes are high that the newest iteration of the console heroine won't be bringing just another lackluster game-to-film series to our screens.

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IGN has crafted a clever video, showing the similarities between Square Enix's gaming series and the upcoming cinematic entry, as well as realizing that some scenes look they have been ripped directly from 2013's game of the same name. The game begins with an intrepid Ms. Croft lost in a storm and bound for a mysterious island, which is a plotline that seems to have been picked up by the movie too. Elsewhere, there are impressive arrow skills, crumbling planes, and reminders to trust no one. Most obviously though, the film's shadowy organization - dubbed Trinity - is a faithful nod to the same villainous group that was first introduced in the game.

Alicia Vikander On Exploring Lara Croft For Tomb Raider

Giving a decidedly more mature feel than the previous Tomb Raider movies, director Roar Uthaug seems to be taking a back to basics approach and a Batman Begins-style origin story for a younger Croft. Jolie famously played the heroine in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001 and The Cradle of Life in 2003, but while the first film was a box office success, both films were criticised for a style over substance attitude. Paramount had blamed the poor reception of the Tomb Raider games around the time the movies were released, so let's see if a move to Warner Bros. can do a live-action outing any favors.

First starting back in 1996, and with some 18 games under its belt, there is plenty of source material for a continuing Tomb Raider franchise to pull from. The trailer certainly shows that Vikander is equipped to take on the challenge of playing the famous gaming icon, but fans will have to wait until March 2018 to see if Tomb Raider can really shoot a bow and arrow at the box office takings.

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Source: IGN

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