New Trailer for Tomb Raider Coming Soon

Tomb Raider could be releasing a new trailer soon, according to a fresh report about the Alicia Vikander-starring video game adaptation. The Jason Bourne actress looks like quite the badass in the first Tomb Raider teaser trailer, directed by Roar Uthaug (The Wave). It also appears that Vikander did at least some of her own stunts for the production, based on recent set photos.

The reboot remains one of the most anticipated movies of 2018. However, the first trailer only gave fans a taste of the epic adventure expected in Lara Croft's return to the big screen. But it looks like moviegoers won't have to wait much longer to get the newest bit of footage from the movie, because new information about the next trailer suggests that it's imminent.

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As reported by Trailer Track on Tuesday, the new Tomb Raider trailer has been approved by Consumer Protection BC in Canada, indicating that the new trailer could be only days away. Warner Bros. Canada is listed as the distributor for the two-minute clip, which would come four months after the initial teaser and two months before the movie's March 16 release date. The first trailer earned approval from the British Board of Film Classification just days before it officially dropped on Sept. 20, so based on that, the new trailer should be expected within the next week.

Tomb Raider - Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft

The first two-minute trailer teased plenty of the action and effects that will anchor the Tomb Raider reboot. It also sprinkles in some of Vikander's dialogue as Lara Croft. But the second trailer has a chance to show even more of the action, considering that the teaser functioned mainly as an introduction of Vikander as Lara and the general details of the story. The movie, something of an origin story, follows Lara Croft's investigation of the disappearance of her father Richard (Dominic West) and her challenges as a first-time adventurer.

It also concerns Lara's first major battles against the mysterious organization Trinity, one of several elements that the reboot borrows from the video game series. The teaser revealed Walton Goggins (The Hateful Eight) as the movie's main villain and likely leader of the organization. The next trailer will likely expand upon the bad guys and reveal more of the action that the first one merely teased.

As always, Tomb Raider has one major hurdle to overcome as a movie. The video game movie curse is very real and stayed alive with duds like Assassin's Creed in 2017. But to be fair, Netflix's Castlevania adaptation earned plenty of acclaim. Tomb Raider will definitely feature plenty of action, but the story and Vikander's lead performance will have to rise above all else if the movie wants to sidestep the problems that plague most video game adaptations.

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Source: Consumer Protection BC [via Trailer Track]

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