How Tomb Raider Movie Reboot Borrows Directly From the Games

The release of the highly anticipated trailer of the Tomb Raider reboot has certainly excited fans of the successful video game franchise. The film's director, Roar Uthaug, is acknowledging the movie's connection to the series, specifically to the 2013 game, and has gone into detail about what aspects of the game inspired him.

Launching in 1996, the action-adventure video game series was an instant success. The game's female protagonist, Laura Croft, soon became a video game icon. The character was played by Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider: Lara Croft in 2001 and in the sequel, Cradle of Life, in 2003. Though a third movie was never made, the character has continued to thrive in the video game industry. In 2013, Crystal Dynamics developed a dark and gritty remake of the game that was essentially an origin story. The game and its 2015 sequel are said to be the inspiration for the latest Tomb Raider film, which has Academy Award-winning actress Alicia Vikander in the titular role.

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Yesterday, the first official trailer for Tomb Raider was released, giving fans a close look at Alicia Vikander in action as the iconic character. The inspiration taken from the 2013 game is made quite clear in the trailer, and in an interview with IGN, Uthaug provided commentary for the trailer and listed many of the game's influences, ranging from Lara's physical appearance and choice of weapons, plot points like the mysterious organization known at the Trinity, and action sequences, such as a scene involving a parachute and a  river that will appear in the movie in some form. The wreck of The Endurance is also being adapted for the movie.

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"We drew a lot of inspiration from the game for certain set pieces. At the same time, we wanted to do something new - to not just repeat what we’ve seen in the game, but to take our own spin on it and make it exciting to watch on the big screen. But a lot of inspiration was taken from the last two games."

Uthaug claims that the 2013 game had a lot to do with the casting of Alica Vikander, who he believes is someone who "really pushes herself above and beyond." Vikander's version of Lara Croft will also make use of two key weapons from the game, the bow and arrow and the climbing ax. Uthaug says the bow and arrow feels "natural" for Lara, considering that the movie is a survival story, much like the game.

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Source: IGN

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