Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy VII Join World Video Game Hall of Fame

Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy 7

The World Video Game Hall of Fame gets some rather important new additions, with particular interest shown in Final Fantasy VII and the original Tomb Raider. Over the years, the Hall of Fame has had some impressive inductees, as it tries to keep a record of the most influential and important video games in the history of the medium.

As such, it's no surprise to see both Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII added to its collection. Tomb Raider was one of the games that helped revolutionize 3D movement and platforming, alongside introducing the memorable character of Lara Croft. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy VII is one of the most important RPGs of all time, and stands as one of the best games of the 1990s in part thanks to its wonderful storytelling and memorable villain Sephiroth.

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Now, the pair have had their success officially recognised by The Strong Museum in Rochester, New York. The home of the Video Game Hall of Fame has introduced both games into its collection alongside a pair of other hugely important games in John Madden Football and Spacewar! The games join such other classic titles as Tetris, DOOM, and Super Mario Bros in an extensive collection.

Spacewar! may not be a game that sticks out to modern gamers, but its place in the history of video games is unquestionable. First developed back in the early 1960s, the game is a part of video game folklore, playing a major role in early video game programming circles and going on to help influence the likes of Asteroids. Meanwhile, John Madden Football's place as the foundation of a huge franchise and a serious step up in the quality and validity of sports-based video games.

What sets Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII out, however, is that both franchises as a whole have the ability to change and adapt over time. Tomb Raider's reboot has brought a new lease of life to the series, and this year will see the release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which is certainly looking interesting based on those early gameplay impressions. Indeed, the game is also going to have a crossover with Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy VII, too, is going to have a new lease of life in the form of a highly-anticipated remake, meaning that these two games will continue having an impact long beyond their initial release. However, that doesn't take away from the importance of the original games, as shown by their induction into the Hall of Fame.

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Source: The Strong Museum

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