Tom Welling/Superman movie rumour apology

Here's the first Screen Rant exclusive. :-) An apology (and the reason for) the recent false Tom Welling/Superman press release.

I managed to track down the person (Matt Fisher) who wrote the release for which was then picked up by The short version seems to be that he is just a frustrated fan who did something that he should have thought through first...

"As a fan of Superman, I do want to see the right guy in the tights. There's no one on this planet right now that can play him other than Tom Welling. So when I went to write that article on, you can imagine my surpise by how quickly it got out to web sites and right in front of Al Gough. Yes, that was me who made an account on and wrote the bogus report. In moments of boredom, you just do something crazy. In a spur of the moment idea, I thought 'Man, how funny would it be to convince people that Tom Welling is going to play Superman?'. I realize now it was a mistake. Mostly it was stupid.

"So I hearby retract that statement. And I also wish to apologize to many people. The WB, Al Gough (for getting him mixed up in it), all who believed it and Superman fans in general. But most of all I wish to apologize to Tom Welling. In making that report, I never thought of what a spot I would put Mr. Welling on. I apologize to Mr. Welling and Warner Bros.. But that doesn't mean I hope they go ahead with McG's Superman movie. I still say it's a bad idea. But nevertheless, I retract the statement and apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused."

Although it was certainly wrong, I'm going to cut the guy some slack on this one.

Personally I think it would make sense to continue on with Tom Welling as Superman at the end of the series run of Smallville. Tom needs to work on his acting chops a bit before tackling a big screen role like this, and that would also force the circular filing of that terrible bit of writing known as the current script.

In any case it's all moot. We're going to end up with an awful movie if things stay on the current track.

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