Tom Welling to play Superman on the big screen???

Normally I would call this a fake internet rumour, except for the fact that apparently it is backed up by a number of quotes from Al Gough, executive producer for Smallville. If it's true, I think it's an awesome choice. Could be a B.S press release put out by someone not affiliated with the show, but you never know....

It also sounds like they might break their "no flight" rule for the TV show, which IMO would also totally rock.

Now if we could only get rid of McG as a director and that stupid Abrams script...

"In order to get a whole new generation of Superman fans, we need to get someone people recognize. Tom [Welling, star of Smallville on the WB] can really bring in a new generation of fans.", Gough said.

"Once Smallville has finished, which will be at the end of it's fifth season, it's pretty much a big move onto the silver screen.", Gough explained.

Smallville will enter it's fourth season when it comes back at the end of the year. You can look for Tom Welling to don the tights in summer of 2008 or 2009, depending on if the fifth season is indeed the last. In speaking on Smallville, Gough offered hints on the fourth season.

"We've got two more years left, so what you'll be seeing is some big advancement within the characters. Lex [Luthor], for example, will be continuing his journey toward the dark side. Clark will be learning more about his heritage from Jor-El, and he'll also be getting a great new power.", Gough said.

Gough wouldn't elaborate on which power, but sources point to it being the much wanted flight.

"I won't say it isn't flight," Gough said with a smile. ", but then again, I won't say it is.".


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