Tom Welling Superman movie rumour false?

In the last couple of days the major news services have picked up on the "Bryan Singer wants Tom Welling to play Superman" rumour.

It seems that this rumour may be just that: a rumour.

One of Garth Franklin's (of the movie news site) sources sent him the following:

"Thought I'd drop by some info on everyone's favorite superhero and what's going on at Warner Bros. As you know I've had some dealings with the studio and can put straight some recent rumors. Tom Welling has not been offered Superman by Bryan Singer. Singer wants an unknown in the lead role. Trust me when I say Tom Welling will not be the next Superman. I'm not sure how that rumor came about but it's bogus."

Considering that a huge North America-wide casting call has gone out for the role, it seems that the above quote is probably correct and Welling is not being considered for the role.

Personally, I kind of wanted to see Tom Welling in the role but I wasn't completely sold on the idea. Welling's Clark Kent would really have to grow quite a bit from the current confused, frustrated state in which he now resides to become the iconic Superman. It may turn out better to have someone else in the role, and hopefully Singer will hit one out of the park with his selection of Superman, just as he did with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the X-Men.

Stephen from Tagline, are ya happy now? :-)


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