Tom Welling Is Superman In Non-Mo-Cap JLA?

I've got to hand it to the folks over at IESB... they ARE well connected (anybody feel like dropping me a scoop just use the Contact link in the upper right, folks!). Although according to Smallville producer Al Gough has told them flat out that Tom Welling has not been approached, IESB is swearing up and down that they're getting a completely different story from multiple sources.

According to them (and yes, this is rumor at this point), Tom Welling (who plays super-powered Clark Kent on the CW series Smallville) is the guy who's been tapped to play Superman in the recently announced as moving forward Justice League movie.

Smallville fans have been clamoring for Welling to put on the blue tights and cape ever since Superman Returns was first announced. Bryan Singer ended up going with Christopher Reeves clone Brandon Routh instead, who is not in the running for the JLA film as far as I know. So once this is confirmed and the news goes wide there should be much rejoicing on Smallvillle fan sites and forums.

Not only that, but IESB has also clarified the whole motion capture / CGI situation. The word was that the JLA movie was going to be a fully CGI motion capture movie along the lines of the upcoming Beowulf and The Polar Express.

However now they're reporting that it will be a live action movie incorporating motion capture. This is very different from having an full mo-cap movie. The technique is used quite a bit in films, like the character Gollum in Lord of the Rings, which of course was live action overall, albeit with considerable CGI effects.

This is a one-two punch of big news if it all turns out to be true!


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