Tom Welling In Teen Wolf or... Cash Is King

I've been reading all over the place about how Tom Welling may appear in a Teen Wolf remake (Dark Horizons broke the news, I believe). You're probably familiar with the original which starred Michael J. Fox. It's not Citizen Kane, but it was a cute flick, shot while Fox was at the height of his popularity.

There was a sequel a few years later which bombed, and now there is talk of revisiting the teen werewolf well. No, Welling is not going to play the title role... the studio wants to put a "witty" twist on the story by making the lead character a teenage girl.

Why comment on this besides the obvious fact that I hate most remakes and this one will add to my side of the argument? Because I've read online that people are wondering why Tom Welling is capitalizing on his Smallville fame by starring in schlock movies. The last one he did was a remake of The Fog, which was NOT well received by critics or audiences, although it did end up with a profit. It cost $18MM and grossed $46MM worldwide.

So although the movie was panned by critics and even over at the average user rating is only 3.2 out of 10, which demographic group do you think gave it the highest rating?

Females aged 18-29

How about both Cheaper by the Dozen and it's sequel? Which groups rated those films in which he appeared highest?

Females under 18 followed by Females aged 18-29.

So... who do you think might show up in droves to see a Teen Wolf movie that stars Tom Welling? Just take a wild stab. :-)

It seems to me that Tom is well aware of the transient nature of TV fame and who his primary fanbase consists of. My guess is that he is in "strike while the iron is hot" mode and is simply taking advantage of his current situation. Any studio that hires him for a movie knows in advance what sort of audience to expect and that they'll show up (at least initially) even if the movie isn't that great. Tom Welling is cashing in while he can and after he's set up for life, if he wants to he can pursue more "serious" roles some time down the road.

Sounds like a smart businessman to me!

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