Tom Sizemore Was Removed From Film Set For Alleged Sexual Assault

In 2003, actor Tom Sizemore was removed from a film set after an 11-year-old actress claimed that he touched her inappropriately.

Back in 2003, actor Tom Sizemore was removed from the set of a film after an 11-year-old actress claimed he molested her. Sizemore has been playing tough guys in movies since 1989. He largely made a career out of playing soldiers, police officers, and criminals in films such as Natural Born Killers, Saving Private Ryan, True Romanceand Pearl Harbor. In the last few years, Sizemore has more often been seen in lower budget and independent films rather than bigger releases. Nevertheless, he has continued to find work in spite of various legal troubles and scandals.

Ever since he was 15, Sizemore has struggled with substance abuse. He was arrested in 2003 for assault and battery of his girlfriend Heidi Fleiss and has also been arrested on drug charges. He even appeared in season 3 of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. More than once he was caught trying to fake drug tests while on probation. He was recorded in 2014 making a fake allegation that his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley had an affair with President Bill Clinton in 1998. And just this year, he plead no contest to charges of domestic abuse against his current girlfriend, as part of a plea agreement.

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Now, in the wake of the numerous other charges of sexual assault and harassment by powerful men in Hollywood, a more than decade old incident involving Sizemore has come to light. THR has released a story that in 2003, while filming the movie Piggy Banks, Sizemore was removed from the set for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old actress.

A dozen different cast and crew members from the film, also known as Born Killers, have spoken about the event. Sizemore was shooting family photographs for the movie's set. In the pictures, his character's daughter sat in his lap. Actress Robyn Adamson, who played the child's mother, recalled the little girl's eyes widening to the point where Adamson thought she might vomit. The child finished the session, though struggled with taking direction. The next day the little girl told her mother that Sizemore had touched her genitals. Her mother called the movie's casting director, Catrine McGregor immediately. McGregor filed a claim with the acting union SAG and began to fight to have Sizemore removed from the film.

The story quickly filtered down through the film crew, who according to Production Assistant Roi Maufas, were ready to go after Sizemore themselves. The actor had a reputation on the set for being difficult, and was often drunk or high during filming. Producer James R. Rosenthal stepped in to keep the crew away from Sizemore, and the movie's other producers immediately removed him from the set. They also spoke to the child's parents, offering to remove the girl and/or Sizemore from the movie and encouraging the parents to press charges, something the parents declined to do. When confronted, Sizemore denied the allegations.

In spite of Sizemore being removed from the set, he was brought in for reshoots months later. While many who worked on the film believed the allegation against him, they had a financial responsibility to finish the film and no hard evidence.

In the wake of the various allegations in Hollywood that began with Harvey Weinstein, and that have now continued to be revealed over the course of several weeks, the crew no longer felt that they should stay silent about the incident. As for the child, she is not a child any longer, though she wishes to remain anonymous as she looks into possible legal actions against Sizemore, and potentially her parents as well.

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Source: THR

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