Tom Holland Calls Spider-Man Suit Best iPhone Ever

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Tom Holland says that his Spider-Man: Homecoming suit is so advanced that it's like having the most advanced iPhone ever. Unlike previous live-action iterations of the character, the Marvel Cinematic Universe version features the inclusion of Tony Stark -- a genius, among other things -- who has provided Peter Parker with a state-of-the-art costume that befits his crime-fighting style. We got a glimpse of that suit in Anthony and Joe Russo's Captain America: Civil War, and we'll see Peter take full advantage of all its bells and whistles in Jon Watts' film next month.

It's no surprise that Peter's costume in the upcoming film is a lot more advanced than the other suits we've previously seen on the big screen, not least of which is his ability to actually display expressions using his mask, known as Spider Vision. That's only one of many abilities the suit affords Peter; others being: GPS tracking, Web Wings (triangular webbing under his arms that allows him to glide long distances), enhanced Web Shooters, and even Droney (his chest symbol detaches into a drone similar to Falcon's Redwing).

By the sound of it, Peter's costume in Spider-Man: Homecoming might be the closest thing anyone will come to having a suit as powerful as Tony Stark's Iron Man suit. Holland recently discussed that notion with CNet, in which he compared Spider-Man's costume to being the most advanced iPhone.

Spider-Man Homecoming Suit Expressions

"The suit is almost like the most advanced iPhone ever, you know? It can do so much. It helps him track people and it helps him listen into conversations and it helps him pick out threats and stuff. It’s just a really, really cool, fun way of integrating modern technology into a superhero from back in the day."

It wouldn't be surprising for Peter to find it difficult to master a suit that advanced, especially one that was created by one of the smartest characters in Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the same interview, Holland also said that Peter isn't even aware of all of the suit's abilities at first, and discovering those functions allow for comedic relief later on in the film.

"I think one of the exciting things about the movie is Peter doesn’t even know the bells and whistles of the suit. There’s a lot of surprises and there’s a lot of things that happen without him asking it to, which is funny. And there’s a really, really funny bit in the movie when that happens."

In the comics, Spider-Man's powers and abilities have evolved significantly over the years, and not all of them would work in live-action. So, it makes sense to have Tony create a suit in the vein of his Iron Man suit to help push Peter forward. Of course, whether or not he deserves that suit is something we'll see him struggle with throughout the course of the movie -- and possibly going forward in general. After all, Spider-Man: Homecoming is only the first chapter in Peter's story within the MCU.

Source: CNet

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