Spider-Man's Tom Holland Challenges Thor's Chris Hemsworth With Stunts

Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

Production on Spider-Man: Homecoming has been steadily making progress throughout the summer, and despite being the sixth solo Spidey flick in 15 years, there's a palpable sense of excitement surrounding the project. A key reason why is star Tom Holland, who stole several scenes in Captain America: Civil War and made a very memorable debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. None other than Stan Lee said the actor was perfect for the role, so it's safe to say Holland has several supporters.

Holland landed the part in large part due to his natural athleticism. He performed a flip as part of his audition, using his gymnastics experience to leave a strong impression on the higher-ups. Not only does Holland embody the everyday teenager qualities of Peter Parker, he also possesses the physicality of Your Friendly Neighborhood. As filming chugs along, Holland is once again showing off his skill set on social media.

The actor posted a video on his Instagram account (hat tip CBR) of himself going over a stunt for Homecoming and then completing it in a trial run. In his celebration of landing the flip, Holland playfully called out fellow MCU lead Chris Hemsworth, telling the God of Thunder to "beat that!" Check out the post below:

@chrishemsworth and @bobbydazzler84 beat that!

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Since Thor was absent during Civil War (and spending time annoying his new roommate Darryl), it may seem odd to see Holland single out Hemsworth, but those two have some history together. They co-starred in Ron Howard's In the Heart of the Sea, which came out last December. During the Spider-Man casting process, Hemsworth even called Marvel Studios to vouch for Holland, which in all likelihood helped the youngster a great deal. The two have formed a strong bond, and they probably can't wait to act with one another in a Marvel film. Avengers: Infinity War could see them join forces.

It's also nice to see that Holland isn't backing down from the physical challenge of portraying Spider-Man. These days, it's very easy to use a CGI double for action sequences (especially with the Web Head, who is masked), but having an actor out there doing practical stunts grounds the set pieces (somewhat) and makes it easier for audiences to buy in. At age 20, Holland is going to be a major player in the MCU for a long time and should be able to continue to blend the emotional and physical elements of the character for years to come.

Buzz for Homecoming has been steadily building following San Diego-Comic Con 2016, where Marvel showed a sizzle reel that detailed the John Hughes vibe director Jon Watts is going for. Anthony Russo even said that it has the potential to be the greatest Spider-Man film yet, high praise considering Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 is widely thought to be one of the best superhero movies ever made. Time will tell of course, but it looks like Homecoming could be one of the strongest offerings in the MCU to date. Between the cast, unique tone, and passion for the material, it certainly has a lot going for it.

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Doctor Strange opens November 4, 2016; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – May 5, 2017; Spider-Man: Homecoming – July 7, 2017; Thor: Ragnarok – November 3, 2017; Black Panther – February 16, 2018; Avengers: Infinity – May 4, 2018; Ant-Man and the Wasp – July 6, 2018; Captain Marvel– March 8, 2019Untitled Avengers – May 3, 2019; and as-yet-untitled Marvel movies on July 12, 2019, and on May 1, July 10, and November 6 in 2020.

Source: Tom Holland (via CBR)

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