Tom Holland Wants Spider-Man to Battle Spider-Girl

Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland says he would like Spidey to battle Spider-Girl in a future Spider-Man movie. With the highly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man film a couple of months away now, Holland is starting to ramp up his promotional push for the movie. He's shown that he's willing to go to extremes to get the word out on his second outing as the famed webslinger, following his debut in Captain America: Civil War last year.

Case in point, Holland donned a wig and dressed up in revealing outfit with fishnet stockings to mime the Rihanna hit "Umbrella" on Lip Sync Battle before the MTV Movie & TV Awards, earlier this week. As part of an international promotional tour for Homecoming, Holland has discussed his thoughts for the franchise beyond the July 7 release of Spider-Man's first solo MCU film.

In an interview with the Brazilian entertainment site CinePop, the actor named some of the villains that he would like to battle in a Homecoming sequel - and one choice in particular was surprising:

"There’s so many good villains, I really like Mysterio, I like Kraven. I really like the Clone Saga. I think it could be really cool if Peter, or Spider-Man has to fight people with the same powers as him. Spider-Woman’s super cool … I think she’s called Spider-Girl who is his clone. They kind of like hit it off and they take their masks off and they’re like… [shocked look] What the hell! They’re like the same person, but she’s just a girl. I think that’s really cool."

Tom Holland Spider-Man Homecoming

Of course, a lot has to happen before any villain (whether they be traditional or non-traditional) is announced for Holland's next Spider-Man film (pegged for a July 5, 2019), starting with the reception to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Marvel Studios definitely seems intent on separating itself from past Spider-Man movie iterations by bringing a new villain to the fore, instead of relying on classic baddies like the Green Goblin (which totally made sense for Sam Raimi's Spidey films, but felt like a stale choice for director Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2).

As for Spider-Man: Homecoming, Michael Keaton is an inspiring choice for a fresh villain with Vulture, especially given his past superhero movie ties (both in Tim Burton's Batman films and fictional superhero Birdman); and the new film will no doubt benefit greatly by Robert Downey Jr.'s appearance as Tony Stark/Iron Man. With any luck, a blockbuster box office will give Homecoming director Jon Watts (or whoever else takes the helm) the creative freedom to approach Marvel Studios with a prospective villain (or villains) for the Homecoming sequel, whether it's their idea or Holland's.

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Source: CinePop (via Comic Book)

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