Tom Holland Just Revealed Spider-Man: Homecoming 2's Title! [Updated]

Update: Kevin Feige confirms Spider-Man: Far From Home as the sequel's title.

Avengers star Tom Holland may have just spoiled the title of Spider-Man: Homecoming's still officially untitled sequel. Is he kidding, or for real? In the lead-up to April blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, Holland became well-known for his tendency to give away spoilers regarding the film, often to the consternation of both Marvel and his costars. What he just did though might very well take the cake, assuming it's not just the actor playing around with fans he knows are eager for any new morsel of information.

As everyone no doubt knows by now - judging by Infinity War's enormous box office take - the latest Avengers installment ended with Thanos' infamous Infinity Gauntlet-powered snap turning a number of Marvel's most beloved heroes into dust, including Tom Holland's latest theatrical rendition of Peter Parker. However, despite his demise, it was already confirmed that Holland was signed on to return as Spider-Man in a sequel, somewhat undercutting the character's onscreen death in the eyes of some.

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Now, while attending Seattle's Ace Comic-Con alongside a number of other MCU actors, Holland looks to have dropped the huge spoiler that Spider-Man's second Marvel Studios solo adventure will be titled Spider-Man: Far From Home. The title can be seen on the tablet Holland holds up several times toward the camera during his latest video post on Instagram, right after Holland says he's reading the latest script for the sequel. While the tone of the video itself seems to be purposefully tongue-in-cheek, it's unclear so far if this title reveal was for real, or simply Holland pranking fans.

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On one hand, it's kind of crazy to think that we'll learn the title of Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 before we learn the title of Avengers 4. Fans have been rabid to learn what the next big screen battle between Thanos and Earth's mightiest heroes will be called for months, and it's safe to say no one was expecting a reveal of Spider-Man 2's title before that happened, especially this soon. Still, Holland obviously knows what's on his tablet screen, and makes sure to show it (more than once) to those watching his Instagram video. He also apologizes for there being no new announcements about Spider-Man to come out of Ace at the beginning of the post, which seems like a playful jab after going on to seemingly reveal the Spider-Man: Far From Home title just seconds later.

Considering that Holland's Instragram post is still up after nearly an hour, that points to the title not only being real, but also that the reveal was cleared in advance with Marvel Studios. Otherwise, one would think that Holland would either have clarified that he was joking by now, or Marvel would have demanded he remove the post because it contained an unauthorized info leak. While Holland loves to kid around with fans, it would just be cruel to let them think this was real for too long without fessing up if it wasn't.

Of course, the question now becomes: is Spider-Man: Far From Home a good title for the sequel? While that's a matter of opinion, it does at least continue the theme established by Spider-Man: Homecoming, so points for consistency. Hopefully by the time we find out more about the sequel's actual plot, the meaning of the newly revealed subtitle will come into clearer focus.

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