What Tom Holland's Black Venom Symbiote Spider-Man Suit Could Look Like

A new work of digital art released online imagines how Tom Holland's Spider-Man would look if he took over as host of Tom Hardy's Venom symbiote.

A new work of fan art imagines how Tom Holland's Spider-Man would look with his Venom symbiote black suit. The young actor debuted as the wall-crawling hero in Captain America: Civil War. He later reprised the role in multiple MCU outings, including the climactic and record-breaking Avengers: Endgame. He was last seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home, which served as a second solo outing and the official closing chapter of Phase 3.

Although Far From Home ended on a monumental cliffhanger, talks between Marvel Studios and Sony have broken down in recent weeks. The news was met with considerable backlash across social media, with fans torn between siding with Disney (who own Marvel Studios) or with Sony (who maintain the Spider-Man movie rights). As well as the now-traditional attempt at an online petition, a website which monitored whether Peter Parker was back in the MCU yet was set up. Despite that, however, the door seems officially closed on continued collaboration. Regardless, Holland is still signed on for more adventures, with the writers of the previous installment also confirmed to return.

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Even prior to the studios' parting ways, Sony was already confirmed to be pressing ahead with their Spidey-Villain universe. The Jared-Leto starring Morbius is currently in production, with a cast also set to include Jared Harris, Tyrese Gibson, and former Doctor Who actor Matt Smith as the rumored villain. Alongside that, work is already underway on Venom 2 - with Andy Serkis confirmed as director. Tom Hardy will reprise his role as the titular antihero, alongside fellow returning Venom star Michelle Williams. Woody Harrelson, who cameoed in the first film's post-credits scene, will also return as Cletus Kasady, the unhinged serial killer who ultimately becomes the even more deranged symbiote menace known as Carnage. With Holland's Spider-Man now freed up, many expect the character to be dropped or otherwise retconned into the continuity. A digital artist by the name of Mizuriofficial has already taken to Instagram to offer fans a glimpse at how Holland's web-slinger could look as host to the symbiote. Check out the full image in the space below:

Despite being tagged, Holland has yet to acknowledge or respond to the image. It has, however, already garnered over four thousand likes and provoked a wave of praise from fans. Although Spider-Man has been adapted for the big screen numerous times across the years, Peter Parker has only encountered the Venom symbiote once before. Sam Raimi's much-maligned Spider-Man 3 saw Tobey Maguire's iteration play host to the alien life-form before passing it on to Topher Grace's Eddie Brock. The results were mixed at best and meme-worthy at worst - with their interpretations of the character reduced to puns and ridiculously awkward dance sequences.

The above artwork obviously differs somewhat from the source material. That's to be expected though, since Peter getting the suit could no longer retain the same timeline as in the comics. Not to mention the fact that the latest version of Venom already has a design already committed to screen. As such, the eyes on Peter's suit perfectly align with Hardy's Venom. Equally, the image shares a lot of similarities with Agent Venom. Although that title generally belongs to Flash Thompson rather than Peter Parker, it would certainly be one way to adapt to the necessary revised order of events. Whatever happens with Spider-Man and Venom in the future remains to be seen. Sony always planned to unite them, however. As such, the hauntingly beautiful design above would make for some worthy inspiration to any future big screen design.

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Source: Mizuriofficial/Instagram

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