Tom Holland Wants to Play James Bond or Batman

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Tom Holland may have yet to debut the new incarnation of Peter Parker in his own standalone film, but the young actor is already listing other iconic characters that he wants to play all throughout his career, including James Bond and even Batman. A little more than a month before Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters, Holland gets candid about his plans for the future.

The British actor first debuted on the big screen in J.A. Bayona's disaster drama film The Impossible alongside Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts. After that, he continued to do supporting character gigs until 2015 when he landed one of the most popular superhero roles as Spider-Man. His first time donning the red and blue costume was in last year's Captain America: Civil War and since then, he has been preparing to embark on his solo film franchise starting with Homecoming. But despite all the glory that comes with his latest stint as the web-slinging Peter Parker, Holland reveals that he is continuously looking for other characters to play so as not to be known for doing one role in his career.

In the new issue of Interview magazine, Holland was asked by fellow Homecoming star Zendaya about his career goals moving forward. The 21-year-old actor listed down every possible milestone he wants to achieve including being a director in 20 years and an Academy Award-winning thespian in 10. But arguably the most interesting bit from his career roadmap is his eagerness to play James Bond or Batman.

During the same conversation, Holland also details his gruesome audition process to get the coveted role of Spider-Man. He had to do two separate screen tests with Robert Downey Jr.(who plays Iron Man) and Chris Evans (who plays Captain America) with the former's session not panning out the way he expected.

"That process was five months. I did eight auditions. I did five self-tapes, and then a screen test with Robert Downey Jr. and a screen test with Chris Evans. In the screen test with Robert Downey Jr., they brought me into the room and I met him. I was so nervous. In my head, I thought, 'Wow, you look really weird in person. You don’t look like you do onscreen.' I found out later that I met his stand-in."

There are only a handful of actors who have played the superhero card more than once. And out of that small sample size, usually, only one of the two times they donned tights or put on a cape was successful. Examples include Ryan Reynolds who played Green Lantern and then Deadpool, as well as, Evans who played Human Torch in Fantastic Four, and then the titular role of Captain America. But if Holland is really serious about going for the role of Batman, he may want to reach out to Homecoming co-actor, Michael Keaton (who plays villain Vulture) as the 65-year-old actor has once put on the Bat suit in Tim Burton's Batman from 1989.

Suffice to say, Holland will be known as Peter Parker for now. The actor has reportedly signed a multi-picture deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment to reprise the superhero role for at least the next couple of years.

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Sources: Interview

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