Spider-Man Actor Wanted Jason Momoa For Kraven Cameo

Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of Marvel's biggest releases this year, promising a showdown between the wall crawler and the Vulture, a villain who has never been on the big screen before. Though the film isn't even out yet, it's never too soon to wonder who will be next to face the hero. As such, actor Tom Holland has revealed his dream casting for a Kraven the Hunter cameo, and it's none other than DC's current King of Atlantis, Jason Momoa.

Holland's choice for cameo adversary is a smart one, as Momoa definitely possesses the right look for the big game/superhero hunter. Moreover, the choice to add the former Kahl Drogo as a villain in what Holland describes as a humorous cameo that's tantamount to a stunt casting joke somehow makes the idea even funnier and all the more appealing.

While speaking to MTVHolland said:

"You know what? Kraven is one of my favorites for a cameo. I always wanted Aquaman to play Kraven, but he’s now DC. I thought that would be super cool."

Kraven the Hunter best Spider-Man foe

The past decade has seen an exponential rise in the number of superhero movies made each year. Long gone are the days when a comic book hero at the theater was a rarity. Now, studios are concentrating on delivering multiple superhero flicks every year, all of which are tied together to a much larger universe. Marvel Studios helped change the game with the launch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has seen "rival" studios like Warner Bros. (DC) and Fox (X-Men/Marvel) do their best to follow the formula.

With so many movies being made, the race is on for these films to find the biggest names possible to fill their various roles. The result has been that while an actor might be perfect for more than one part, their being cast as a prominent character in one universe prevents them from appearing in another. Case in point: Holland's wish to have Momoa play Kraven.

As it turns, out, even if Momoa hadn't become Aquaman, Holland might still be out of luck with regard to his top choice. Momoa was one of the contenders to play Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy, a role that ultimately went to Dave Bautista. Still, even though Momoa will likely never play Kraven, it doesn't mean the fan casting from Holland isn't perfect.

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Source: MTV

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