Tom Holland is Pretty Damn Happy About Becoming Spider-Man

Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tom Holland took to Twitter today to reflect on becoming Spider-Man in the MCU, and to thank fans for their support over the past two years. The young star of Spider-Man: Homecoming first swung onto the big screen in Captain America: Civil War, and has already started filming for Avengers: Infinity War, but this summer is the biggest Spider-Moment yet, as Holland stars in the MCU's first ever solo Spidey movie.

Since being cast, Holland has been very vocal on social media, tweeting and posting videos to Instagram to chart his journey as the youngest MCU member -- all while being careful to avoid spoilers, of course. From burning his Infinity War script to adorably stopping himself mid-interview when he might give something away, the young actor has been openly thrilled to be part of this massive comic universe.

Now, Holland posted a tweet that celebrates the two-year anniversary of the day that he was cast as Spider-Man for the MCU, which reads "Two years ago today I was cast as Spider-man and my life was flipped upside down. What a ride it's been and what amazing fans I have (heart emoji)". The tweet has been liked over 15 thousand times, showing exactly how much Holland's fans appreciate his casting, and his gratitude.

Two years ago today I was cast as Spider-man and my life was flipped upside down. What a ride it's been and what amazing fans I have ❤

— Tom Holland (@TomHolland1996) June 23, 2017

This isn't the first time this week that Holland has shown his appreciation for his fans, either. Earlier, he posted a video to Instagram showing him signing pages of Spider-Man comics, then balling the pages up and tossing them out of his window. It was a way for Holland to give something to his fans, as he had been instructed not to leave his hotel room and see the fans massing outside. It was a fantastic way to get around the restriction and give something back, and just made fans love him even more for such a wonderful gesture.

Of course, it's not too surprising that such a young actor would be thrilled to join something as successful as the MCU. Most established actors have confirmed that they would love the opportunity to play a superhero, whether in the MCU or the DCEU. Despite this, it's fantastic to see just how enthusiastic Holland is, and it's very sweet to see him marking the anniversary of the day that the was cast in the role. In addition, it's encouraging to see another superhero actor thanking the fans so profusely, and join the ranks of others like Chris Pratt and Chris Evans, who have gone above and beyond to make their fans happy.

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