Tom Holland & The Rock Really Want To Work Together

Two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Tom Holland, exchanged praise and expressed interest in working together.

Two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Tom Holland, exchanged praise and expressed their interest in working together on a project. In spite of how they’re both fairly busy, with a number of high-profile movies already on their plate, they might have signaled the start of a future summer blockbuster starring the two actors.

In Holland’s case, he’s also been occupied doing press. The star of Spider-Man: Far From Home, viewed by many as the best cinematic iteration of Peter Parker, is always in high demand. But in recent weeks, he’s faced increased attention in the wake of the split between Sony and Marvel. The actor has expressed his faith that Spider-Man remains in good hands with Sony, while noting his gratitude for getting the chance to work with his Avengers co-stars and especially Robert Downey Jr. Among his recent comments, Holland revealed that he would like to work with The Rock. It seems The Rock is in full agreement as well.

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It started when Holland told GQ Magazine that The Rock has always been someone he’s looked up to for his work ethic and for believing in the need to be the hardest working person in the room. Holland said he’s really taken that attitude to heart. Johnson took to social media to respond, praising Holland for navigating his level of fame so well and echoing his desire to collaborate with the young actor. After Johnson’s tweet, Holland chimed in as well.

One thing which might not be known about the former Billy Elliot is how he seems to have been a bit of a WWE fan in his earlier years. In 2015, prior to his on-screen debut as Spider-Man, Holland was photographed with Charlotte Flair at an event for a WWE video game. He’s also endorsed, jokingly, the idea of former WWE superstar Rhyno portraying Rhino, the comic book supervillain. For Holland, it’s likely a chance to work with a childhood hero. For Johnson, he’d have the chance to work with one of Hollywood’s most versatile rising stars.

It might have to wait, either way. In addition to his obligations as the friendly neighborhood superhero, Holland’s upcoming slate includes some high-profile work and Cherry; a drama film directed by the Russo brothers. There’s also Uncharted, though that has yet to get off the ground. On Johnson’s side, most notably, he has a sequel to San Andreas and his much-awaited debut as Black Adam. But who knows? In a few years, Holland and Johnson might headline their own buddy comedy.

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