Tom Holland Responds to Chris Hemsworth's Avengers 3 Video

Spider-Man himself Tom Holland has responded to Chris Hemsworth's Avengers: Infinity War "rehearsal" video where the Thor actor, bent out of shape about his character being excluded from a table full of Marvel action figures, grabbed his hammer and showed what Thor would do if pitted against his fellow Avengers. Thor of course was also excluded from the massive rumble at the airport in Captain America: Civil War, and so didn't get a chance to use his hammer on Iron Man, Spider-Man or any of the other many superheroes featured in that sequence.

Needless to say, things did not work out well for the other Avengers when Thor got to whomping their action figure counterparts with his human-sized hammer. Spider-Man came in for particular punishment when Hemsworth knocked him over with the dismissive insult "He's just a kid, he can fall over."

With Spider-Man: Homecoming bringing in positive reviews and sure to bring in huge audiences, Tom Holland now feels secure enough to respond to Chris Hemsworth with his own video via EW. In the clip [above], Holland sits before a table loaded with Marvel action figures including Thor and after a little self-deprecation (he admits he's neither as good-looking, as muscular or as Australian as Hemsworth), brings in a tiny action-figure-sized version of Mjölnir. Spoiler-alert: Spider-Man is able to wield Thor's hammer (or at least a very small version of it). Holland then proceeds to knock Thor over the head with his own hammer and gleefully utter "Who's the kid now Thor?"

Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

Having gotten his revenge on Thor, Holland proceeds to play with the action figures a little, putting Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and Ant-Man together into a little crew and declaring them "best of friends" in a sing-song voice. Holland then admits he's "a little afraid" of The Winter Soldier before knocking over Falcon, with the reminder that he already kicked Falcon's a-- once (in Civil War).

How will Spider-Man really fit into the action when Avengers: Infinity War arrives at theaters in 2018? Kevin Feige revealed that Spider-Man's screen-time in Avengers 3 will be "on par" with his appearance in Civil War, so it will be bigger than a cameo but smaller than a starring role. Spider-Man will later return for a Homecoming sequel set immediately after the events of Avengers 4. As for other future Spider-Man plans? Don't look for Spidey to be showing up in Sony's Venom film. If Tom Holland has his way, a team-up with Ant-Man would be in Peter Parker's future. Or a scenario where Peter Parker mentors Miles Morales. Or an adaptation of The Clone Saga. Tom Holland is clearly enjoying being Spider-Man.

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Source: EW

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  • Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) release date: Jul 07, 2017
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