Watch Tom Hiddleston's REAL Audition Video For Marvel's Thor (Not Loki)

Jimmy Fallon unveils Tom Hiddelston's real audition tape to play Thor (not Loki) in the MCU during the actor's recent appearance on his talk show.

In a recent visit to the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show, Tom Hiddleston's real audition tape for Marvel - in which he auditioned for the role of Thor rather than Loki (the character he ultimately played) - was revealed to the world. It was recently announced that Hiddleston will be starring in his own show titled Loki, which will stream on Disney+. Even though the show won't premiere until spring 2021 on the streaming service, fans can go back and watch Loki and all his antics in all six of the MCU movies in which he appears in - the most recent being Avengers: Endgame.

In the true spirit of everything Marvel, most things are being kept a secret until the big reveal, but there has been some news on the upcoming Loki miniseries. Producer Stephen Broussard recently spoke about how the series will feature a "huge time travel component" with a bit of a "man on the run" feel to it, while still exploring the more human sides to the usually mischievous character. Also, there has been talks of a possible female Loki coming into play in the upcoming series, following the recent announcement of Sophia Di Martino joining the cast. This news really opens up the possibilities of what the upcoming series could look like and the stories it could tell.

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On a recent visit to the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show, Hiddleston found himself a little embarrassed when Fallon revealed that he had secured a tape from Marvel for his audition for the role of Thor, not Loki. Prior to the big reveal, Hiddleston spoke about how when the audition came up for this new Marvel movie, they originally had been looking for actors who weren't very well-known so that audiences could really get to know these characters on a deeper level. He also revealed that during the three month long audition process, he had been told that if he was over 6 feet tall and had blonde hair, he was welcome to come in and give it a go.

Even more shocking, he spoke about how he never actually auditioned for the role of Loki, he only ever auditioned for the role of Thor. The tape shows him on a stage in blonde hair and a tight grey tank top (with the big hammer Thor hammer in hand, of course). He seems very into it all as he swings it around the stage and lets out a very manly grunt, along with a very short bit of dialogue. After the clip comes back and the audience erupts into applause, he tells them that they are really "too kind," he humbly mentions that he believes that Marvel did choose the right man for the job in the end - which we all know that Chris Hemsworth played the title role in the Thor films.

We would have to agree with Hiddleston on that last point because if he had ended up playing Thor and not Loki in the MCU, who knows who might have taken on the pivotal role of the Trickster god in the end. It's nice to think that these things happen for a reason and if Hiddleston didn't nab the role he did, we might not have the upcoming Loki series to look forward to on Disney+ - and that would be a true shame.

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Source: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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