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Thor: The Dark World is going to be storming into theaters all across the world soon, and while at the London junket for superhero sequel, we had a chance to sit down with Loki himself, actor Tom Hiddleston, to talk about the future of his character in the Marvel Movie Universe - including the very real possibility of the Loki character continuing on without him.

New actors to play Tony Stark/Iron Man have already been a topic of discussion - and we've seen plenty of Bruce Banner/Hulk actors in the new Millennium - but unlike those cases, Loki is a character who comes with a built-in foundation for significant recasting - and Hiddleston shared his own thoughts on how that scenario should play out.

In Marvel Comics lore, Loki has had several alternate bodies to inhabit - including a female one, as featured in late-2000s Marvel Comics story arcs. After the events of Ragnarök (a cycle of godly and worldly death and rebirth in Norse mythology), the comic book version of Loki returned and possessed the body of Lady Sif, carrying out some nefarious plans - like the "Secret Invasion" or "The Siege" - during his stint as a lady-dude. 

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While Loki's fate at the end of Thor: The Dark World is not yet known, it's not specious to assume that, if the sequel makes bank, Hiddleston would be brought back for the inevitable Thor 3, as he remains one of the main pillars of the franchise. And with both producers and franchise star Chris Hemsworth all speculating that a third Thor movie would likely venture into the Marvel version of the Ragnarök saga (against evil Surtur and his fire-demons), it's not inconceivable that the aftermath of the trilogy finale could follow a similar pattern as the comics, introducing a rebooted, female version of Loki into the mix.

Right now, the producers and cast all tell us there are no solid plans for Thor 3 in place (a lot will depend on The Dark World box office, naturally), meaning that Marvel's planned slate of films (which are set to run through 2021) isn't guaranteed to include the god of thunder's next outing. By the time Thor 3 DOES roll around, cast members like Hiddleston could very well be ready to make it their final chapter of the franchise - and the Loki mantle could very well need to be placed in new hands.

Hiddleston, for one, would prefer to stick with comic book canon, should that point ever come. Check out what he said when I asked him which actress he would feel comfortable seeing as a successor to the Loki role:

Tom Hiddleston: Oh that’s a good question. We know that in the comics he comes back in the body of Sif. So I say the first obvious port of call is Jaimie Alexander.

Jaimie Alexander's Lady Sif looks to have more action (and even some drama) in The Dark World, and the actress remains a fan-favorite as both a member of Thor's battle squad and as a potential candidate for DC Comics' own female powerhouse (and potential franchise-starter), Wonder Woman.  The mix of beauty and brawn that Alexander brings to the table is already well established - but could she capture that same sort maniacal glee (and witty comedic timing) that has made Tom Hiddleston's Loki such a delight? Or would she be out of place in the role?

Given the sparks that could fly between Sif and Natalie Portman' s Jane Foster in Thor 2, having Sif eventually turn to the dark side with some 'scorned woman' resentments against Thor could be great fun to watch.

Before you share your thoughts in the comments, just remember that the Internet's other bright idea for a Lady Loki looks something like THIS:




Thor: The Dark World will be in theaters on October 30th (UK) and November 8th (US).

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