Tom Hiddleston Wants to Play Galactus or Captain Britain

Tom Hiddleston names Captain Britain and Galactus as his top two Marvel characters he wants to play besides Loki. It's been almost a decade since the British actor boarded the Marvel Cinematic Universe via the first Thor film in 2011. Originally auditioning for the role of God of Thunder and then losing it to Chris Hemsworth, he was still able to board the franchise playing arguably one of the best villains in the film series, Loki, the God of Mischief.

The 37-year-old actor would reprise the equally loved and hated character four more times, including roles in team-ups The Avengers (where he was the primary villain) and Avengers: Infinity War. With his chances of survival in the forthcoming Marvel blockbuster quite low considering that he'd reunite with his former boss, Thanos, fans may see Hiddleston take a different Marvel role down the line if the opportunity comes knocking on his door.

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Sitting down with Collider while promoting Infinity War, the Marvel veteran actor was asked about what other characters from the brand would he want to play besides Loki. Taking a couple moments to mull over the query, Hiddleston ended up asking back "Is there a Captain Britain? Is he an interesting character? Apparently, there is." But he eventually added one that he seems more inclined to portray given his attachment to the character. "The one I used to love as a child was Galactus... Probably not played by me though... It could be motion capture. Does one get to double up? Chris Evans got to double up, I suppose," he said.

Nothing's impossible, Josh Brolin is literally debuting two separate lead Marvel characters in a matter of weeks, so if Hiddleston is the perfect guy to play Galactus or Captain Britain in any form, fans might just get that. Although, considering how beloved he is and his portrayal of Loki, it might get a bit difficult for people to see him in another superhero film playing another character, so the characterization needs to be significantly different from the God of Mischief's to be able to somehow tone down comparisons.

Last year, reports came out suggesting that Marvel Studios may be eyeing to launch Captain Britain in the MCU. No confirmation followed since then, but it doesn't mean that Feige and his team don't have any inclination to introduce him down the line. That said, with Phase 4 going more cosmic, alongside the integration of the Fox Marvel characters once the Disney buyout pushes through, it might take a while before famed franchise once again comes back and leans on their grounded heroes.

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Source: Collider

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