Stunning Fan Art Imagines Tom Hardy as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men Origins The Wolverine and Logan

Tom Hardy is the next Wolverine in this stunning fan art. Casting for the next Logan will definitely be a tricky one, especially with the character being synonymous with Hugh Jackman, who played the role for almost two decades before hanging up his Adamantium claws earlier this year in Logan. Having said that, it would be a crime to not see the character on the big screen once again, especially now that the X-Men and Fantastic Four can finally rub elbows with other Marvel characters under the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since Marvel Studios made itself known as a major Hollywood player, fans have been fantasizing about the possibility of bringing Marvel's long line of characters under their management. While Fox has been doing a great job with the IPs that they have, people understandably longed to see the mutants and the Avengers fight with (or against) each other much like how they do in the pages of comic books. Further, so many brilliant comics material could not be fully translated on the big screen just because of the great Marvel character divide. But things are now looking up with the imminent Dinsey and Fox buyout paving the way for all of this to finally happen.


While we're not yet sure how Marvel Studios will incorporate the X-Men into their existing lore, fan casting has become popular now more than ever. Artist Jimmy Vong took the creative liberty and picked Hardy as his next Wolverine. Check out his impressive render of the actor taking the role of claw-wielding mutant below:

Jackman has previously name-dropped Hardy when asked who he thinks could pick up the mantle as the scruffy, cigar-smoking mutant. But that was way before the English actor was cast for another Marvel superhero gig, in Sony's separate Venom film. Still, it's interesting to ponder what it would have been like if Hardy was the one who got dibs on MCU's take on Wolverine.

Despite massive fan-clamor for Jackman to come back and reprise the role even just one more time under the Marvel Studios umbrella, it sounds like the actor has totally moved on from the role. Before the Fox and Dinsey deal was made public, the Academy Award nominee shared his thoughts about the possibilities of the mutants interacting with the Avengers -- something that he admittedly said he was hoping for in all the years that he played Wolverine, but unfortunately for him, that ship has already sailed. He even added that he's looking forward to the next incarnation of the role to flourish under Kevin Feige and his team's tutelage. While it's difficult to come to terms with it, all we can do now is just accept that it's just the perfect case of bad timing.


Source: Jimmy Vong

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