Tom Hardy Must Get Tattoo After Losing Revenant Bet To Leo DiCaprio

Tom Hardy in Mad Max Fury Road

A look at Tom Hardy’s body shows off years of adding tattoos that are meaningful and artistic; items like the London Skyline, a Chinese dragon, Madonna and a child, and Buddha with an AK47 adorn his skin. Meaningful items like his wife’s name, ex-wife’s initials, and his agent’s name also have been tattooed on his body.

Last year, Hardy co-starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, a story of fur traders in the 19th Century. DiCaprio played a character left for dead by his group who, after surviving an attack by a bear, seeks revenge. Strong acting portrayals by Hardy and DiCaprio helped The Revenant secure 12 nominations for the Academy Awards. DiCaprio won his first Oscar in the Best Actor category, while Hardy fell short, losing Best Supporting Actor to Mark Rylance for his role in Bridge of Spies. However, Hardy receiving an Oscar nomination for his portrayal in The Revenant still held meaning.

The actor recently told Esquire that he had a wager with DiCaprio regarding a possible Academy Award nomination. According to Hardy, DiCaprio was incredibly sure he'd get the nomination, though Hardy wasn't convinced; he bet a tattoo of the winner's choice that Hardy wouldn't receive a nomination for The Revenant. While Hardy may have won the Oscar nomination recognizing his work, he lost the bet and will need to get a tattoo designed by DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant

Hardy went on to explain DiCaprio had already come up with his winning tattoo. As explained by the actor to Esquire"He wrote, in this really shitty handwriting: 'Leo knows everything.' Ha! I was like, 'OK, I'll get it done, but you have to write it properly.'" Certainly, it may be an unusual tattoo, but considering the unique choices of Hardy's body art, a "Leo knows everything" tattoo may fit right in.

For those that have seen Hardy's turn as John Fitzgerald in The Revenant, they may think the tattoo serves fitting as punishment for Hardy, despite it being just an acting role. DiCaprio's character, Hugh Glass, is left for dead and betrayed by his friends -- led by Fitzgerald -- and barely survives. DiCaprio won the Oscar and now also gets to win his bet with Hardy, making this movie a huge victory for the long time actor.

Next, Hardy is set to star in the mini-series Taboo. The upcoming drama, about an adventurer in 1814, was created by Hardy and his father. The actor stars in the eight episode series and also serves as an executive producer. Taboo will air on BBC in Hardy’s home country, United Kingdom, and FX in America.

Source: Esquire

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