Tom Hardy & Michael Shannon Taking 'The Long Red Road'

Dark Knight Rises' Bane (Tom Hardy) and Man of Steel's General Zod (Michael Shannon) are joining forces - but not in a Batman Vs. Superman live-action film, sadly. No, the rising stars are instead headlining The Long Red Road, an adaptation of Brett C. Leonard's play from the newly-formed Whipsmart.

Hardy appeared in Leonard's original work when it was staged two years ago at the Goodman Theater in Chicago (under Philip Seymour Hoffman's direction). Leonard is penning the script for Long Red Road; it remains to be seen if Hoffman likewise has interest in handling helming duties on the project.

Long Red Road tells the tale of Sam (Hardy), a young alcoholic who has retreated to a South Dakota Indian reservation in the hopes of conquering his inner demons. Hardy, as mentioned before, played Sam onstage under Hoffman's direction in an acclaimed production that featured sets designed by Eugene Lee (who also did stage work for the Broadway musical version of Wicked).

The term "Red Road" refers to the American Indian concept of what is both the right path for someone in their life, but also one very difficult and treacherous to travel. That metaphor comes further into play when Sam's older brother, Bob (Shannon) enters the picture - as the brotherly duo must resolve the anger and resentment that has built up between them over the years, after Sam was involved in an accident that had terrible consequences for their loved ones.

Hoffman has directed one film to date; coincidentally, it was another stage drama adaptation, titled Jack Goes Boating. The Oscar-winner has a handful of projects competing for his attention right now, and is actively preparing for the small role as Plutarch Heavensbee in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (which is slated to begin shooting next month). Nonetheless, he could feasibly reunite with Hardy on Long Red Road.

Leonard previously wrote and directed the relatively-obscure 2004 drama Jailbait; he also served as a writer, story editor, and producer on HBO's Hung. That's to say, it's certainly possible Leonard could helm Long Red Road, if he so desires - then again, with a cast topped by Hardy and Shannon, there will surely be other talented parties interested in directing.

We will keep you updated on The Long Red Road as the story develops.


Source: Variety

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