Tom Hanks Reunites With 'Bosom Buddies' After 30 Years

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Ladies, hide your clothes because Buffy (Tom Hanks) and Hildegarde (Peter Scolari), two of the most well-known cross-dressing tenants from the Susan B. Anthony Hotel, came together this weekend at the taping of the TV Land Awards to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ABC’s short-lived sitcom, Bosom Buddies.

The series, which premiered on November 27, 1980, centered around two friends, Kip Wilson (Hanks) and Henry Desmond (Scolari), who, after having their apartment destroyed, find themselves dressing up as women in order to live in the female-only Susan B. Anthony Hotel.

Jay Leno, proving that he can do more than screw up a network, presented the award to the Bosom Buddies cast. On hand were not only Hanks and Scolari, but also Donna Dixon, Thelma Hopkins and Holland Taylor, who played Sonny Lumet, Isabelle Hammond and Ruth Dunbar respectively.

Known for being Tom Hanks’ first acting role, Bosom Buddies amassed a cult following because of its unique humor, much of which is credited to Hanks and Scolari being able to freely improvise their lines.

Former writer and showrunner Chris Thompson, citing Bosom Buddies as his “favorite experience in show business,” expounds upon why the show was able to get away with as much as it did.

“We were left alone. Nobody was paying attention to us. We were all really young, but it was like we had daddy's Porsche. We had $500,000 to play with every week.”

Despite starting out with favorable ratings, Bosom Buddies was unable to hold an audience as it entered its second season and was subsequently canceled.

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As a fan of television, I enjoy nothing more than seeing casts of former series getting back together, albeit briefly. While a Bosom Buddies reunion show might be a little too much, it’s nice to see that Tom Hanks still remembers where he came from - with his $2,500 a week salary - and took the time to celebrate this television milestone.

Catch the 30th anniversary of Bosom Buddies celebrated on the TV Land Awards on Sunday, April 25, on TV Land

Source: TV Guide and Daily News

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