Tom Hanks Gets Animated in David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special Trailer

Tom Hanks returns as Saturday Night Live character David S. Pumpkins in a brand-new Halloween special -- check out the new trailer.

Saturday Night Live has released the trailer for the upcoming David S. Pumpkins Halloween special. Tom Hanks will reprise his role as the popular character in animated form when it airs on Oct. 28, featuring Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage as a guest voice. Hanks is one of SNL's most prolific hosts, but David S. Pumpkins quickly became perhaps the actor's most famous character from the show soon after he debuted him in the famous 'Haunted Elevator' sketch in Oct. 2016.

Hanks' performance and the endlessly bizarre sketch won a lot of viewers over, so much so that Pumpkins is coming back this season - and getting his own episode. It will also include the voices of Bobby Moynihan and Mikey Day, who play his similarly confounding skeleton dancers in the original sketch. Now, fans of Pumpkins' inexplicable weirdness can get a taste of his return in a new video.

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Watch above to see the teaser for SNL's David S. Pumpkins Animated Halloween Special. Hanks himself appears as Pumpkins in his signature jack-o-lantern suit, along with Moynihan and Day as the dancers. He eventually transforms into the animated version of the character, who finishes the teaser with his now-famous catchphrase, "Any questions?"

The half-hour episode will reportedly follow Pumpkins and his sidekicks as they show the true meaning of Halloween to a brother-sister duo. The only problem is the boy and girl have plenty of questions about Pumpkins that go unanswered, much like the sketch that inspired the special. Moynihan, Day, and co-creator of the character Streeter Seidell produced and wrote the episode, which will briefly feature Hanks on-screen but mostly be animated.

David S. Pumpkins' first appearance in the 'Haunted Elevator' sketch worked almost magically. The combination of Hanks' silliness, the character's incomprehensible nature, and perfect payoff at the end secured its place as one of SNL's most memorable sketches in recent memory. Everyone who made the character happen is involved in the show, giving it great potential to deliver on the hype that the original created.

Key to the success of the special will be the two kids who encounter Pumpkins. Much of the hilarity of the first sketch came from Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett's dumbfounded reactions, to the point that the rest of the ride didn't even scare them anymore. Hanks will deliver plenty of ridiculous dancing and general absurdity, but a good dynamic with the normal characters will take the episode to hilarious new levels.

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SNL's David S. Pumpkins Animated Halloween Special airs Saturday, Oct. 28 @11:30pm on NBC.

Source: SNL

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