Tom Cruise's Wichita Film Now Has A Title

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz's new action-comedy has been without title for a while now. First it was titled Wichita and then it was renamed Trouble Man (that was never going to work) and for the past few months it's been going by the rather clunky name of "Untitled Wichita Project".

I know you're dying to find out the name - but first for a riddle.

What's the difference between Wichita and Trouble Man?

Knight and Day is the answer, apparently.

The Cruise and Diaz re-teaming (following Vanilla Sky), which is now shooting in Boston, has been been titled (if you haven't guessed), Knight and Day.

While Knight and Day isn't the best title in the world, it is vastly superior to the two failed previous attempts at naming the star-driven comedy. I'm sure that they've focus-grouped the heck out of it (and many other titles) before they settled on Knight and Day- so there must be something there, right? (Right?)

According to Variety:

"Cruise plays a man of mystery who links up with Diaz. They become fugitives, there are betrayals and shifting alliances all around them, and they must figure out whether to be guided by truth or trust."

When shooting finishes in Boston it will then move on to Spain, Austria and the tropics.

The 20th Century Fox action-comedy also stars Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Blucas, Paul Dano, Maggie Grace, Viola Davis and Olivier Martinez.

Knight and Day opens on July 2, 2010.

Source: Variety

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