Tom Cruise Talks Les Grossman Spin-off Movie

Tom Cruise Les Grossman Spin-off Movie

If you didn't get your fill of Les Grossman at this year's MTV Movie Awards, don't worry, because Tom Cruise may soon reprise the role in his very own spin-off movie. After taking the stage as Grossman  for a show-stealing performance alongside Jennifer Lopez, Cruise told Marc Malkin at E! Online that he and his producing partners are "working on" the movie right now.

I love Tropic Thunder, and I really love the character of Les Grossman, but I'm not sure I love the idea of a Les Grossman solo movie. Realistically, how do you construct a film around a character like that? The Grossman shtick is hilarious, but only in small doses. Could you watch Les Grossman scream at people and do funky dances to Ludicris songs for a full 90 minutes?

On the other hand, many people doubted whether or not they could make a successful film out of a one-note SNL sketch, but MacGruber turned out pretty well (not at the box office though). Similarly, Russell Brand returned to his popular character Aldous Snow in the recent Get Him to the Greek and that movie also held up over its feature-length runtime.

Ultimately, it comes down to the story. Les Grossman is a great character, but there has to be more to him than what we saw in Tropic Thunder. Maybe it could be a biopic. Watch Les Grossman's rise from a starry-eyed production assistant to the top of the Hollywood ladder. Any other ideas?

What do you think? Would a Les Grossman solo movie be a total flop, or is there potential for Cruise to take his foul-mouthed, Diet Coke-swilling, G5-flying movie executive to the big screen for his own adventure? What direction do you think they could go with a Grossman spin-off?

Source: E!

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