This Video Will Almost Convince You Tom Cruise Is Running For President In 2020

Tom Cruise is running for president in 2020 in a hilarious and oddly convincing new parody video. The sight of Cruise literally running has of course become familiar to movie fans over the decades, as has the spectacle of the actor putting his body on the line for the sake of his art. With last year’s box office smash Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Cruise kicked things up another notch by performing some of the most insane stunts he’s ever done, including jumping out of an airplane, dangling from the bottom of a helicopter and even doing his own helicopter stunt flying.

In part because of his willingness to perform such death defying feats, Cruise is one of the few Hollywood stars remaining whose name alone can sell a movie both at home and overseas. Of course, Cruise’s “go all out” personality has also become a target for impersonators, who love making fun of the actor’s seemingly crazed intensity level as well as his love of vigorous physical work, especially running. As much as his famous smile and many well-known catchphrases, Cruise’s very distinctive running form has in fact become a central aspect of his image over the years, and as such has provided fodder for a lot of humor.

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Cruise’s love of running is indeed a big part of the joke for a new parody site called Tom Cruise 2020 that, yes, suggests the idea of Cruise running for president in the next election. But as crazy as the idea of a Cruise candidacy may sound, the site’s hilarious campaign video actually makes a shockingly convincing case that Cruise's long (fake) experience at many different jobs would make him a perfect commander-in-chief. And of course, he's great at running too. See the video in the space below:

There is of course a long history of Hollywood movie stars getting involved in politics for real, with varying degrees of success. The biggest success story of them all was certainly Ronald Reagan, the one-time character actor known for starring alongside a chimpanzee in Bedtime for Bonzo who rose to become governor of California and ultimately the two-term United States president. Arnold Schwarzenegger too took the path from movie stardom to California governor, though the law prevents the Austrian-born actor from pursuing the presidency. Others who’ve made the transition from actor to politician include Al Franken, Fred Thompson, Clint Eastwood and Cynthia Nixon.

Though Cruise 2020 may sound like a great idea, and the site’s campaign video makes a compelling case for why Cruise would make a highly energetic president, it’s of course unlikely the actor will be joining the list of movie stars who’ve taken on the real-life role of politician. That being said, the sight of Cruise in a presidential debate giving his all against his opponents would be amazingly entertaining, and it’s a shame that America will never be treated to such a spectacle.

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