Tom Cruise Planning 'Mission Impossible 4'

A reader of Ain’t It Cool News sent in some information about Tom Cruise’s appearance on a popular Japanese television where he was asked about the Mission Impossible franchise. Cruise’s response was that he has started work on the fourth installment and they are planning the story for it.

He also mentioned that he was thinking about planning a big action sequence in Tokyo for the next film – What a coincidence because he was in Japan when he said it! I wonder if he made that up on the spot.

Personally, I’m happy they’re making another one. I enjoyed the first and third MI movies but was rather disappointed with the second. There’s no word on who’s directing the fourth as of yet. I wouldn’t mind seeing J.J. Abrams back but I have a feeling he’ll be busy on other projects.

I think it’ll be good for Tom Cruise to be in another big budget action blockbuster.

Are you excited for a fourth Mission Impossible?

The outdated IMDB page for Mission Impossible 4 shows an expected release some time in 2010 but no date has been officially set as of yet.

Sources: AICN, Romandie (title image)

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