What Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible Stunt Double Really Does On Set

A brand new promotional ad for Mission: Impossible - Fallout reveals what Tom Cruise's stunt double does on set. Ethan Hunt is back in action - with Christopher McQuarrie calling the shots again for the sixth installment of the popular spy/action franchise. And with the movie's theatrical debut nearing, marketing is already in full swing.

Cruise is long known to perform his own action stunts in his films, but he's very particular in regularly upping the ante when it comes to the Mission: Impossible franchise. Among some of his death-defying scenes from the spy thriller movies include hanging outside of a skyscraper in Dubai for Ghost Protocol and holding on to the side of a real, taxying cargo plane for Rogue Nation. So with a brand new film installment on the horizon, naturally, everyone is looking forward to what daredevil act he may be up to this time. Despite being game in doing these intense action sequence, he still needs to have a stunt double on-set in case some things get too extreme for him. Now, fans can see what a day in the work life of regular Tom Cruise stunt-double looks like.

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Thanks to a promotional video for Fallout, people can get a sneak peek as to what Cooper Adrian, Cruise's stunt double, really does on-set. As Cooper explains his roles and responsibilities, it became clear that the clip is obviously a joke with Paramount partnering up with Uber to promote the red carpet live stream of the film on July 12th on the latter's official YouTube channel. How exactly a car service company like Uber relates to Mission: Impossible is still unclear, nevertheless, the fact that it brought fans this hilarious piece of marketing is an acceptable reason for the collaboration. Watch the full clip above.

Tom Cruise hanging from a cliff in Mission Impossible Fallout

This isn't actually the first time the Mission: Impossible franchise pulled this stunt. Almost two decades ago for Mission: Impossible 2, Cruise filmed a skit with his supposed stunt double, Tom Crooze, played by Ben Stiller. The bit was for the for the MTV Movie Awards and was much longer and in-depth than this latest one considering that it even featured the movie's director John Woo, but it would've really been great if they were able to bring Stiller in this new ad.

While the film's true plot remains unknown as trailers and promo spots for the movie opted to focus on the intense fight sequences with minimal character interaction, at least fans are assured that Mission: Impossible - Fallout is by no means slacking on the stunt department. Cruise's Hunt has been seen in several death-defying sequences including hanging (and falling?) from a glass ceiling, as well as an airborne helicopter, rock climbing without any safety gear,  jumping in between buildings (which badly broke his ankle and resulted in a temporary production shutdown) and partaking in an intense motorcycle chase on the streets of Paris. If anything, those are enough reasons to go see the movie when it hit theaters later this month.

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Source: Uber/YouTube

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