Tropic Thunder's Les Grossman 'Advises' Twilight Stars

Tom Cruise Les Grossman Spin-off Movie

Last week, MTV released two new promos for this year's MTV Movie Awards featuring Tom Cruise's popular character, Les Grossman, from the 2008 Ben Stiller blockbuster Tropic Thunder. In the promos, Grossman, whose profanity-laced outbursts were one of the best parts of Tropic Thunder, offers hilariously questionable advice (and abuse) to the stars of the Twilight franchise, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

It's nice to see Tom Cruise back in character for these MTV promos. When you talk about Tropic Thunder, the conversation almost always centers around his performance and Robert Downey Jr.'s, and rightfully so. That film single-handedly reminded the world just how awesome Tom Cruise can be when he's not busy jumping on Oprah's couch or criticizing psychotherapy on national news programs.

Check out the videos below.




I find the Robert Pattinson video funnier than the Lautner video ("Your filthy hair sent my fat ass kid to space camp four times!") but they're both pretty good. I haven't watched the MTV Movie Awards since I was in my early teens, but with Aziz Ansari hosting and presumably some more shtick from Cruise, maybe this is the year for me to give it another chance. On the other hand, I could just check out the best clips from the show on YouTube the next day. Ah, the power of the Internet.

Anyway, what did you think of the promo videos? Did you enjoy the Les Grossman character in Tropic Thunder in the first place? For all the Twilight fans out there, how did you think your boys held up against Cruise's pot-bellied, hairy knuckled, Hollywood bigwig?

Source: MTV

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