All the Tom Cruise Green Lantern Rumors Explained

The Newest Tom Cruise Green Lantern Rumor

Cruise's name began making the rounds again recently after the notorious celebrity gossip site, Crazy Days and Nights, "unmasked" an old "blind item" originally posted March 8th 2018, revealing that the previously unspecified "A+/A list mostly movie actor" up for the role of an unspecified "superhero" was actually Tom Cruise and the role of Green Lantern.

While Crazy Days and Nights is anonymous, it's far from 4Chan or Reddit when it comes to random internet rumors. In fact, the site's reputation for even earned it a profile in Vanity Fair a few years ago. Looking at the date of the original post, things begin to line up.

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March 2018 is when rumors of McQuarrie's attachment first started floating around, which is what led Screen Rant to speculate Cruise himself could also be involved. Like McQuarrie, Cruise also backed away, but Crazy Days and Nights sheds some light on just why Cruise wasn't signed. Apparently, the script at that time had the character to be killed off, and Cruise didn't want to do it unless the character lived.

This presents some interesting questions. Cruise was the front-runner to lead the Green Lantern movie, meaning it was probably Hal Jordan, not Abin Sur or another character who's supposed to die. This could settle a long debate about which Green Lantern the DCEU wanted to focus on, as it suggests Cruise would play an older Hal Jordan, who likely brings in John Stewart before dying and passing the torch (or power battery) to Stewart as his replacement.

Regardless, whatever the plan was at the time, Geoff Johns' rewrites likely mean the Green Lantern movie is going to be significantly different than the version pitched to cruise, so it's probably too early to assume any actor is a current front-runner for the role.

Could Tom Cruise Still Have a Future as Green Lantern?

With how persistent rumors of his involvement have been through multiple iterations of the film, it's safe to say Warner Bros. likes the idea of a Tom Cruise Green Lantern. However, Green Lantern's script isn't the only thing to be reworked. Warner Bros. and DC Films saw a major shakeup since Cruise was approached for the role, and new leadership could be setting their eyes on a totally different actor to bring Hal Jordan to life.

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Even so, Superman actor Henry Cavill has supported the idea of Tom Cruise (his Mission: Impossible - Fallout co-star) playing Green Lantern, and Cruise himself has voiced an openness to joining DC. Christopher McQuarrie also seems open to directing Cruise as Green Lantern, but with the success of Mission: Impossible - Fallout, it's hard to see Paramount letting him secure a deal at another studio in the immediate future.

All in all, things haven't really changed. The studio was interested in Tom Cruise at one point, but the movie is being rewritten and they don't seem to be actively casting the new version just yet. While that definitely pumps the breaks on this newest rumor, Warner Bros. repeated interest in Cruise means he just might put on that Power Ring yet.

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