All the Tom Cruise Green Lantern Rumors Explained

Tom Cruise is rumored to have been in the running for Green Lantern yet again, but things might not be as certain as they appear. Plans for the Green Lantern movie have gone back and forth, and the last known version was to be a buddy cop movie in space written by David Goyer, but the movie has since gone back the drawing board with a total rewrite from Geoff Johns.

Despite the behind the scenes turmoil, one thing has been persistent: Tom Cruise. The 56-year-old star has been rumored to be involved in the movie a number of times, but nothing has come from it yet.

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To make sense of these rumors, we're going to look back at the repeated reports attaching Cruise to Green Lantern, unravel the newest rumor (and how it relates to already known information), and take a look at what the future could hold for Tom Cruise and the DCEU.

Tom Cruise Has Been Rumored to Play Green Lantern Since Last Year

The Green Lantern movie has been a major question mark for years now. After the Ryan Reynolds led attempt to take the hero to the big screen failed in 2011, Warner Bros. has been in no hurry to revisit the character. Despite traditionally being one of the founding Justice League members in comics and animation, the Green Lantern was nowhere to be seen in the DCEU, and the earliest rumors of a solo movie have always been 2020 or later.

Even so, there was progress being made at one point, and a casting shortlist with a number of big names surfaced, with Tom Cruise right at the top. Of course, the mega star's name drew scorn immediately, although the actor could make a lot of sense as an older Hal Jordan, and many could see the role of Maverick in Top Gun not being too dissimilar to what a younger Hal Jordan could have been like in this universe, and an older Hal Jordan could have fit in the Ben Affleck style of introducing a seasoned veteran instead of another origin story.

Nevertheless, nothing official came from that casting shortlist, and plans for a Green Lantern introduction were apparently shelved until the now-canceled Justice League 2 or later.

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Just a few months ago, word surfaced that Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie had been in talks to direct Green Lantern Corps (the iteration of the film planned at the time), sparking rumors of Tom Cruise joining the franchise anew. Cruise wasn't actually named in the rumors about McQuarrie, but after working with each other on a number of projects, and the apparent previous interest in Cruise for the role, the connection only made sense. It's possible McQuarrie was even brought in by WB as a way to sweeten the pot for Cruise (although he'd be a major get for Warner Bros. regardless).

Like the shortlist before it, nothing materialized from McQuarrie either, and we now know that the Green Lantern film is getting a total rewrite from Green Lantern Rebirth comic writer and former DC President, Geoff Johns.

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