Tom Cruise Career Update: Getting His Scripts 'Tom-Ready'

The world's smallest biggest movie star Tom Cruise is a man who does not make decisions lightly. The couch jumping fiend is still mulling over his next film projects.

Currently Cruise has four potential projects in development, with studios spending HUGE amounts of money paying top-tier writers to help tailor the scripts to meet Cruise's needs.

The four films in the top gun's firing line include Motorcade, The Tourist, The Matarese Circle and Wichita (with Vanilla Sky co-star Cameron Diaz). Two potential films that have been dropped from his list of potentials include The 28th Amendment (to be directed by (Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck), and the romantic comedy Lost For Words (set to be helmed by Susanne Bier). It really is a war of the words.

The world may be undergoing financial troubles right now, and Hollywood may be cutting prices on movie stars and writers, but it would appear that in order to catch Tom Cruise the studios are really showing the color of money.

Script doctors have been making as much as $250,000 a week, for two-to-six week's work on scripts for Cruise. For some it might be a risky business for others it just shows that the Hollywood legend really is a rain man.

Writers who have been shown the money include Scott Frank, Paul Attanasio, Richard Curtis, Billy Ray, Valkyrie writer Christopher McQuarrie, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. The studios involved must have some serious collateral to pay that sort of money out for one man. Having said that, the script doctors that Cruise has chosen are a few good men.

The star hasn't made the firm commitment to any of the films - but I feel that David Cronenberg's The Matarese Circle is far and away the most likely choice, as it would team Cruise with fellow A-lister Denzel Washington.

In the last couple of years the press have been saying that Cruise was "losin' it" with regards to box office appeal, but if he still has all the right moves he should be making a choice soon. With so many scripts to choose from it must be mission: impossible. It would probably be best for Tom to select scripts with his eyes wide shut!

More Cruise news when we get it. (I'm all punned out.)

Source: Variety

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