Tom Clancy's Elite Squad Brings All Their Game Characters Together on Mobile

Tom Clancy's Elite Trailer

Ubisoft confirmed an interesting new title during its E3 2019 press conference called Tom Clancy's Elite Squad, which will unite many heroes for the company's line of Tom Clancy games. Ubisoft has been creating Tom Clancy-branded video games for years now, bringing to life blockbuster franchises like Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, and more. It touched on several of these games during its E3 2019 press conference, too.

Rainbow Six Quarantine was just such a game announced during the showcase, bringing with it a 3-player co-op experience that appears to build on the concept of a massive infection. Other Tom Clancy announcements included The Division 2 having new content en route and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint which brought with it more Jon Bernthal. These are all well and good, but, oddly enough, it was the reveal of a new mobile game that really drew the attention of fans.

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The free-to-play mobile title known as Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is described as a "military mobile RPG" that features the lore of Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, The Division, and Rainbow Six. The game will feature a range of Tom Clancy characters like Caveira, Sam Fisher, El Sueño, Montagne, and Nomad. Even more soldiers will join the ranks of the mobile title before its launch (whenever that may end up being), but those were some of the icons joining the fray.

The game will be arriving on iOS and Android platforms, although it's currently without an official release date. Players will be able to challenge other squads in-game through a PvP mode called 'Arena' or they can align themselves and work together with others in a mode called 'Guild Wars'. Tom Clancy's Elite Squad also includes a campaign mode with unique Tom Clancy storyline where players will have to face a currently unnamed threat that's challenging the safety of the world.

Those hoping to be alerted to opportunities to join in on the action need only head over to to pre-register for Tom Clancy's Elite Squad. Anyone that does will be rewarded for their efforts with exclusive gear and the ability to unlock Walker, a new Ghost Recon: Breakpoint character. All in all, it's not a bad deal for fans of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy games. The price is also right considering that it's free-to-play, although Ubisoft has yet to mention how it will inevitably monetize the game.

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