Tom Arnold Joins Peter Berg's 'Battleship'

Tom Arnold cast in Battleship

Tom Arnold is stepping back into the action genre with a role in Peter Berg's board game adaptation Battleship. Only a few days after Taylor Kitsch was cast as the lead, Arnold revealed in an angry letter in Movieline's comments section that he begins filming in August. Peter Berg will direct the film with the intention of pitting humans against aliens in a naval battle for Earth's oceans.

While many are nostalgic about Arnold's action days as a supporting character in True Lies, we shouldn't forget he has extensive experience in naval war strategy. After all, he did play the captain in McHale's Navy. It is possible this was all the prerequisite needed to land a role on Peter Berg's ship.

But in all seriousness, this casting reveal shows the film will take a family-oriented blockbuster approach with plenty of slapstick humor. That is, if Arnold hasn't changed his ways too drastically throughout his recent stretch of indie films.

Movieline couldn't have expected to land this story via message boards, but Arnold left quite the heated message. With the actor's history of sarcastic humor, it is possible the tone was meant to stir laughter, but he doesn't hold back in firing off some low blows at the movie news site. If his quipping is what you want to see, head over to the full article, but we'll just focus on the story at hand:

"Doing Pete Berg’s Battleship in Australia in August, got my kids camp and a couple indies for Sundance plus the standup and comedy special, 2 TV pilots sold this year."

Tom Arnold is quite the busy man these days according to that schedule. At the same time, he makes no mention of upcoming projects, rather proof he is still going strong. Apart from a handful of productions in post, there is nothing around regarding his future schedule. Still, the comparison to his role in True Lies may be relevant, along with those in Cradle 2 The Grave and Exit Wounds.

Tom Arnold McHales Navy Battleship

It isn't too difficult to see him as something similar to Jeff Goldblum or Randy Quaid in Indepedence Day as some kind of smart, but sarcastic man who ends up in the thick of the action. Based on his past, Arnold has the experience.

As we've heard some details on the story in Battleship, it is beginning to sound more like something Arnold Schwarzenegger might star in during the mid-90s. Given the plot, the team creating this film will have a challenge to create something for everybody to enjoy without falling apart. As of now, they are off to an original and creative start and it's tough to complain about that.

Battleship is set to release May 25th, 2012.

Source: Movieline

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