Nottingham: Not To Say We Told You So, But...

If you take a look over at MTV news you can see "breaking news" that Russell Crowe will be playing The Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood in Ridley Scott's forthcoming Nottingham. However, if you are a regular Screen Rant reader you would have known this two months ago!

Yes, we brought you the news in July as the reason for the delay in the epic film, but now Scott has officially announced it at a press conference for Body of Lies.

Meanwhile Crowe has said:

"It's one of those things where we're taking our time with. You don't want to be doing Robin Hood unless you're going to be doing it really f*cking well. It's got to be the best one ever done otherwise you should do something else."

It is a fair point, but it doesn't clear up how he will be playing both characters. Are they supposed to be the same person or is Crowe playing two roles?

Scott had this to say:

"It's a good old clever adjustment of characters. One becomes the other. It changes."

I'm still without a clue, but time will tell.

Sources: MTV and Comingsoon

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