First Details Emerge About Secret Comedy 'Project X'

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Yesterday we posted about an open casting call that's being held for the upcoming secret comedy, Project X, from The Hangover director Todd Phillips and producer Joel Silver. The filmmakers' aim is to find fresh new faces to star in the movie, as opposed to people we already know from a million other comedies.

However, just what is Project X about? Well, up until now the project has been very secretive (hence the working title), and all we've really known about the plot is that it has an "outrageous high concept." Not much to go on, I think you'll agree. But that has recently changed as more news about Project X has emerged, giving us our first real look at it.

First Showing got wind of a few details about Project X: it's described as a "party movie" (no surprise there), but unlike other party movies it will be shot in a cinema-vérité style (French for "truthful cinema") and we will see the party from the first-person perspective  (like in Cloverfield, you know before the monster shows up and ruins the vibe).

The initial details said that the movie would be shot and presented in 3D like just about every other movie out there these days, and that we would hear voice-over from the person whose eyes we're seeing out of.

However, an update has appeared over at Collider, where Phillips has denied both the voice-over and 3D rumors, although it appears the rest of the details are true. However, Phillips says that the term "party movie" is pretty vague, "like calling 'The Hangover' a bachelor party movie." So by that I think he means the party stuff is the set-up/catalyst for the mayhem which will ensue.

[caption id="attachment_21133" align="aligncenter" width="535" caption="Could the plot of Project X get any crazier than the one for The Hangover?"][/caption]

The "outrageous high concept" claim still seems to stand, but Phillips added that he hopes Project X is “a new and interesting approach” to telling a story within this well-trodden genre. He also commented on the open casting call and confirmed their hope is to get unknown actors, even though people (i.e. known working actors) can still audition the regular way (but somehow I doubt we'll see any overly famous faces and I wouldn't want there to be any).

I'm beginning to think this may not be such a "secret comedy" after all. Phillips even says so himself when he revealed to Collider that the name "Project X" was just something they slapped on the cover of the script because they hadn't come up with a title yet. The intention was never to make it this big secret. However, I think it would be smart for Phillips and Co. to play up the secrecy angle to generate more interest than the film would get otherwise.

What do you think of the details revealed about Project X? Are you glad it won't be shot in 3D? And what sort of plot do you think the movie will have?

Project X is aiming to start shooting around summer 2010 with a release date TBA.

Sources: First Showing and Collider

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