Todd McFarlane Going Solo With Spawn 2?

Todd McFarlane is talking about Spawn 2 (again) and if you're a Spawn fan and have been waiting for a sequel or a proper feature film remake for the character, you probably know that there's been lots of discussion about this project from McFarlane for years.

Now however, it looks like the comic book legend and toy creator is at the boiling point and ready to push this project into motion, even if he has to do it himself. Who better to take full control of the property than its true creator? Well, I'll address this a little later.

Speaking to Newsarama, Todd McFarlane talked about the status of the next Spawn movie and what his plans are for it.

"I've had the idea in my head for over 10 years... and I want to write, produce and direct it and just go, ' here it is.'"

"I’m 80% through the script, I did my due diligence, went around Hollywood... I listened to the pitch from all the big studios, but I just went, 'nah, I need to make this small and tight and contained.'"

"And if we keep the budget small, they'll allow me to do all of that. [But] if you blow up the budget...and I understand that. I wouldn't hire me, either. But then I have to give it away."

In August, we reported that McFarlane had seemingly settled on the decision to make the next Spawn movie a much more adult, scary and realistic film. It also seemed (for a long time now) the comic creator was leaning towards going with a smaller indie studio to have more creative freedom over the project and keep it truer to not only the source, but from the mind of the source creator himself. That still seems to be the case but I don't know how a movie based on Spawn can be made for so little.

At the premiere for X-Men Origins: Wolverine last spring, he said he had offers from five big studios but he's continued to emphasize that he wants creative freedom to make the movie right in his vision and not like the 1997 version.

"All the small guys go 'that thing [1997’s “Spawn”] opened up to $20 million last time!’ We could do a talking head [indie movie] for 8-9 million bucks or we can add an extra million to the budget and make a Spawn movie? Rock and Roll!"

"At this point in my life, I’d rather keep it smaller and maybe get fewer people to come see it, but actually just sort of extract out of my brain what I’ve been living with for the past 10 years."

I don't know if he actually had five interested studios or if he was just talking up the project. I also am unsure as to how to bring Spawn to life for such a low budget and have it marketed properly for a wide theatrical release (assuming that's the objective). McFarlane continued to say that his other option is to finance it himself which is, needless to say, incredibly risky. Although, Kick-Ass was independently financed and look at the hype it's receiving.

I do applaud his passion and desire to bring the character back and with him having more control, I think that can allow for a better film for the hardcore fans. If it comes down to him directing and writing, controlling the full creative process though, this is very worrisome. He has no major behind-the-camera experience and for regular moviegoers, a character like Spawn may be a more difficult sell, especially if it's coming from a much smaller budget and hence, likely with no A-list star like Leonardo Dicaprio who McFarlane was name-dropping last summer.

We still have no time frame or confirmation that the Spawn remake is happening and same goes for the Spawn animated TV series that McFarlane was confident about in the fall. Is this all talk or are we finally going to see movement on Spawn sequel or remake soon?

Source: Newsarama

Art by Erik Von Lehmann

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