IFC Orders 'Todd Margaret' Season 2 Starring David Cross

David Cross as Todd Margaret

Just when you thought IFC was going to start calling itself BBC America 2, it discovers a voice of its own – a somewhat hipster-sounding voice, but a voice nonetheless. IFC is reinforcing its original content by bringing The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret back for a second season.

The original comedy, created by and starring David Cross (arguably one of the funniest people on the planet) as a compulsive liar who somehow manages to land the London senior sales position for Thunder Muscle energy drink, ended its first season on a set of cliffhangers - undoubtedly leaving fans wanting more.

Cross apparently had plans for several seasons all along. While discussing the potential of a second season, Cross went so far as to say the series could even venture  beyond that.

“Well, there could be up to three seasons. I do not resolve anything in these six episodes. In fact, I leave it on a major, major cliffhanger in the sense that a lot of the bad stuff that has happened all culminates and builds to a head in this one last scene…”

As of late, IFC has really made an effort to create a name for itself with original scripted programming. Sure, the pickings pretty much consist of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret and Portlandia, but these shows epitomize IFC's sensibilities - and provides the channel with a unique opportunity to display its much-touted sense of individuality. A good thing too, with a name like the Independent Film Channel, engaging original programming is a necessity.

According to IFC’s senior vice president of original programming Debbie DeMontreux:

Todd Margaret personifies the type of offbeat comedy IFC brings to viewers. David is one of the pioneers of alt comedy, a genre IFC is quickly becoming known for.  Our audience passionately supported the premiere season and we’re thrilled to bring them fresh, hilarious episodes this fall.”

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein on Portlandia

For a long time, IFC had seemingly remained content with airing reruns of Monty Python and screening the occasional Todd Solondz flick. However, in the mean time, television viewers have became accustomed to award-winning original programming like The Sopranos, True Blood and Dexter from powerhouse channels such as HBO and Showtime. IFC would have been crazy not to go after the same accolades - not to mention the hefty amount of potential revenue.

While niche comedy programming may not reach the level of financial success of high-profile franchises like Dexter or True Blood, IFC has shown a unique, but smart, approach by securing programs like Todd Margaret to build a foundation for the channel's brand.

Look for the second season of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret to air sometime in the fall of 2011 on IFC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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