'To the Wonder' Trailer: A Love Story by Terrence Malick

To the Wonder poster and trailer

Terrence Malick fans should be pleased to learn that the (notoriously) meticulous and slow-working auteur has made another movie, bearing the simple title of To the Wonder. It opens two years after he unveiled the Best Picture-nominee The Tree of Life, which is his fifth film released (after forty years of making cinema).

To the Wonder stars Ben Affleck, who is fresh off winning the Best Picture Oscar for his starring and directing effort Argo. He plays Neil, a man struggling to reconcile his affections for two different women: Marina (Olga Kurylenko), who left Europe to begin a new life with him in the States, and Jane (Rachel McAdams), his childhood sweetheart, whom Neil reconnects with after returning to Oklahoma.

Oscar-winner Javier Bardem (Skyfall) costars as a priest encountering difficulties with his own life, who befriends Marina when problems arise in her relationship with Neil. However, the characters and their issues are of secondary concern to Malick's camera, as you probably noticed after watching the latest trailer.

If that preview wasn't artsy enough for your tastes, check out the poster (via EW):


'To the Wonder' Poster

Malick's treatise on love in its many forms is as gorgeous as every other film he's made thus far, courtesy of the poetic compositions the director devised with Tree of Life cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (who worked with Alfonso Cuarón to devise the elaborate tracking shots in Children of Men and this October's Gravity). It's also glaringly obvious that anyone who felt that Malick's previous movies were too dreamy and abstract for their own good are not going to change their stance, based on To the Wonder.

Bearing that in mind: if you are an unabashed fan of Malick's oeuvre - or just want to stare at beautiful landscape images for two hours (with mostly-wordless human drama tying it all together) - then you ought to consider giving this one a look.


To the Wonder begins a limited theatrical release on April 12th, 2013.


Source: ET

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