To CBS: Renew Jericho!

It's not confirmed, but the word it that CBS is planning to renew Jericho. I certainly hope that ends up being the case.

Despite being up against the ratings monster (and Sanjaya-powered) American Idol, it's hanging in there, and was actually number two in it's time slot last week.

For those of you not familiar with the show, it takes place in Jericho, Kansas after a nuclear attack on the U.S. consisting of about two dozen nukes set off in major cities around the country. It's compelling drama, showing what life might be like and the struggles that people would have to deal with. In the story Washington D.C. has been wiped out so there is no central government to speak of at this point in the story.

There's also a mystery aspect to it as they slowly reveal who was behind the attack and their motives. Unlike ABC's Lost, the flashbacks in Jericho actually give relevant information about the characters in regards to the story and many things have been revealed during the course of the season while keeping the big mystery intact. There are townspeople, refugees and roving bands of mercenaries. Lots of great characters and situations.

I think it's much more satisfying than Lost despite the lower viewership and I hope it gets picked up for another season. The story warrants it in regards to seeing what happens to the country as a whole and how individuals and communities will get back on their feet.

Source: SyFy Portal

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