TLC Cancels American Chopper; Paul Jr. Getting a Show? [Updated]

American Chopper: The Series

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While we tend to skew away from reality television on this site, I felt that it was only appropriate to write about the news of TLC canceling American Chopper. This show has not only been the Discovery Network's flagship series for the past seven years, but it has helped Discovery (and their various networks) to grow into one of the most powerful, educational and entertaining channels on television.

For the past six seasons, American Chopper has not only brought us hundreds of interesting bike builds, but has continuously proven to be one of the most “real” reality televisions on the air. While building bikes is what the show is named after, fans of the series know that the family interaction and drama was equally as important, if not more so, than the actual bike builds.

This was never more apparent than in this past season where we saw the literal demise of the Teutul family relationship with Paul Sr. firing both sons, Paul Jr. starting his own company and Mikey going to rehab. Move over, The Hills, this is what actual reality looks like.

While I hate to see a series that I’ve enjoyed for so many years come to an end, I couldn’t really see any other option. With Paul Jr. removed from the company, the bike designs and builds became less creative and more about Paul Sr. trying to prove that his son wasn’t the only one in the family that could design unique motorcycles. Sadly, it seems as though he was.

As the season continued, the episodes started falling apart. I would find myself skipping over the motorcycle builds to watch what Mikey and Paul Jr. were up to. Partly because I wasn’t interested in the bike builds anymore, but mostly because I was getting tired of seeing Paul Sr. act like a child by continuously talking bad about his family.

Paul Jr. is ready to be his own bike man.

But maybe all is not lost, as Paul Jr. has taken to Twitter to make sure  everyone knows that while American Chopper may be over, he’s not going away anytime soon and “the best is yet to come.”

*AC series finally [finale]! Its been almost a decade of great experiences. For me, I am certainly not done with television. The best is yet to come

Hmm… does this mean that Paul Jr. will be getting his own show? I have to say that I might watch it. I found his having to start over really refreshing.

Check out the trailer for the series finale episode below.

Are you happy to see American Chopper come to an end? Would you watch a show staring Paul Jr.? Any thoughts on the family drama?

Catch the last ever episode of American Chopper Thursday night @9PM on TLC

Source: TMZ

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