Cake Boss: 10 Most Loved Cast Members, Ranked


There are two things in life that people absolutely love ⁠— cake and reality television. Throw a loud and loving Italian-American family in the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for an entertaining show that thousands of people will adore. TLC's Cake Boss did exactly that, and received enough success and love from the audience to be on its tenth consecutive year on television.

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And as much as fans simply love to witness the process behind the construction and development of over-the-top cakes, it's the charm, warmth, and sometimes intense family dynamic provided by the Valastros. You always know you're in for some powerful entertainment and mouth-watering pastries when you tune in to watch another episode. So in honor of the family that has brought us so much joy and baking inspiration, let's count down the ten most loved cast members on Cake Boss!

10 Anthony Bellifemine

Cousin Anthony has gone through a fair share of development throughout the run of the show. He began as a delivery boy, but everyone knew he dreamed of to join Buddy's superstar baking team ⁠— you know, all the talented people involved in creating some of the most jaw-dropping cakes we've ever seen.

Anthony was one of the youngest in the bakery, and this often made him the butt of several jokes. Even though he had a few bad moments, we couldn't help but root for him and often feel bad when he was constantly being pranked and undermined by the rest of the family. He eventually made it as a baker, though.

9 Lisa Valastro

Every superstar needs a solid partner to stick by their side no matter what. The show is filled with heartwarming moments within the Valastro family, many of them romantic in nature. But the one between Buddy and his wife Lisa Valastro has to be a fan favorite. The two are adorable together and make it hard not to root for them as a couple.

Lisa might not be an official worker in the bakery, but she certainly had a part in helping Buddy get where he is today. The way she runs their household and raises their four children is commendable, and Mrs. Valastro has both a heart of gold and the perfect attitude to walk this life alongside her husband.

8 Grace Faugno

Buddy's older sister Grace has been one of the biggest comedians on the show. Not that she does it on purpose, but her slightly annoying and extremely loud nature, which could come off as absolutely horrible, somehow only make her endearing. The establishment simply wouldn't be complete without her.

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Married to Joey, Grace is responsible for running the business outside of the kitchen. Even though she also knows her way around one, her previous undertakings weren't exactly successful. Still, she's a beloved member of this loud, happy family.

7 Maddalena Castano

Probably the calmest one out of the entire Valastro sibling clique, Maddalena Castano brings something to the table that no one else on the show does. While she can sometimes get lost in the middle of all the confusion and noise, she clearly manages to calm the waters when everyone else is losing their minds.

Married to Mauro Castano, an equally calm soul — well, calm within the context — Maddalena often offers a much-needed change of pace throughout the episodes of Cake Boss.

6 Mary Valastro Pinto

Mary Valastro was the original matriarch of the Valastro family. And what a woman she was! You have to be an extremely strong and driven individual to help your husband run a business and raise five children at the same time. She obviously did a tremendous job at it.

Mary kept working well into old age, retiring in 2010. Even then, she kept making regular appearances on the show, and her energy was more than welcome, especially in times of conflict. Sadly, Mary passed away in 2017, leaving a beautiful legacy behind. She'll always be fondly remembered, both by her family and fans of the show

5 Frankie Amato Jr.

Frankie is yet another loud and very beloved presence on the show. Even though he's not married to any of Buddy's sisters, he's still family — second cousin to Buddy, since their moms were first cousins. Frankie is a highly talented cake decorator, and much like Grace, he often makes us laugh out loud without actually meaning to.

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His high-pitched voice, screams, and facial expressions when something completely dumbfounds him are pure comedy gold. Plus, he's adorable when he looks confused or slightly annoyed. His loud personality and sweet nature are a welcome relief for the show more often than not.

4 Mauro Castano

Husband to Maddalena, and close friend to Buddy, Mauro Castano can easily be deemed a gentle giant. Much like his wife, Mauro has no problem participating in the loud banter that characterizes the show, but he does it in a more seamless and calm way. Buddy trusts him with his life, and he's been his right-hand for as long as we can remember.

Unlike many other members of the family, Mauro was actually born in Italy. A talented cake-decorator, Mauro has the most refined sense of humor out of everyone on the show.

3 Joey Faugno

Joey Faugno is, in many ways, the complete opposite of his wife Grace. Quiet to sometimes a concerning degree, considering the place where he works and the family he's joined, Joey tends to keep to himself even more than Mauro. However, where baking is concerned, very few can top him.

Joey is the head baker at Carlo's Bakery, and he's the one to consult when huge and nearly impossible cake orders are placed. He offers a much-needed balance to the show, and the audience breathes a little easier when he appears on screen.

2 Danny Dragone

Danny Dragone is the last old school member to be featured on Cake Boss. He's been working at the bakery even before Buddy was born, and has stayed there ever since. What sets Danny apart from everyone else is his crazy versatility — he doesn't have an actual title in the business and serves as a multi-purpose employee.

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Just like Mauro, Danny was born in Italy and knows exactly how to bring his European charm and cooking talent into the workplace. It's impossible not to love Danny — he feels like family, and we just want to give him huge hugs every time we see him.

1 Buddy Valastro

Well, you can't have Cake Boss without a cake boss, right? The person topping this list has to be a no-brainer for anyone who's ever watched the show, since, in a way, it's named after him. Buddy Valastro is the heart and soul of the show, the family, and, of course, the bakery itself.

The show probably wouldn't be a success without Buddy in it. His constant happiness and enthusiasm are contagious, and the love he has for his business and his family are the force that keeps the show going. All hail the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro!

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