90 Day Fiance's Paola Mayfield: 10 Things She's Up To Now

Outspoken Colombian native, Paola Mayfield, and conservative hubby, Russ, were one of the most polarizing couples from season one of 90 Day Fiance. Fans either loved feisty Pao or hated her because of her huge personality. Either way, they’re one of the most genuine couples on the show. Maybe that’s why they keep getting invited back. You've probably wondered what Pao is up to now. We’ve checked in with her to see what she’s been up to since Season 1 ended.

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Public Pregnancy

Pao and Russ haven’t had an easy journey to parenthood. They tragically suffered a miscarriage shortly after announcing their first pregnancy on season 3 of 90 Day Finance. It wasn’t long before Pao and Russ found out that they were expecting again. In an interview with Us Weekly, they admit that they were wary of getting their hopes up so soon after a loss. Pao has kept her due date to herself but frequently posts pregnancy updates on her social media profiles. Like many couples, Russ and Poa decided to have a gender reveal party. Footage of the party showed that their guests erupted in delight as the couple fired blue glitter filled confetti guns. They're having a baby boy! Poa later shared a photo of the event to her Instagram, sharing the news with all of her followers.


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Hi loves, some people have asked me if I have done something to my face since I look so different since I got to the USA and the answer is yes and no. 💋Lips? I fixed only one side of my upper lip that was uneven🙈 My lips look big or small depending on how hydrated I am! So I need to drink a lot of water for them to look juicy💋 💉Botox? Nope, and I’m really scared of getting into that world. If I want it to look younger or to change the shape of my face I will do it but for now I’m good with this face, I think I have accomplished so much with this face that I’m keeping it! I’m not against it and probably one day I will try it and I will definitely make a Vlog about it! 👀My Boobs? I did my boobs way before I came to the USA, and I regret it as I have big boobs before and now that I’m pregnant my genetics are popping out more😅 🍑My Butt? That is one 100% hard work, dedication, and genetics! 🤦🏻‍♀️Face-tune or photoshop? Nope, the magic of makeup and contouring💁🏻‍♀️ Have a wonderful and beautiful day! #feelingmyself #fact ——-—————————Español ————————— Hola amores, algunas personas me han preguntado si me he hecho algo en la cara ya que me veo diferente desde que llegué a los Estados Unidos y la respuesta es sí y no. 💋Labios? Arreglé solo un lado de mi labio superior que era desigual. ¡Mis labios se ven grandes o pequeños dependiendo de lo hidratada que estoy! Así que necesito beber mucha agua para que se vean jugosos. 💉Botox? No, y estoy realmente asustada de entrar en ese mundo. Si quisiera verme más joven o cambiar la forma de mi cara, lo haría, pero por ahora me siento bien con esta cara, ¡creo que he logrado tanto con esta cara que me la voy a quedar! No estoy en contra y probablemente algún día lo intente y definitivamente haré un Vlog al respecto. 👀Mis Senos? Hice mis senos mucho antes de venir a los Estados Unidos, y lo lamento ya que mis senos eran bastante grande antes y ahora que estoy embarazada mi genética está apareciendo más😅 🍑My Cola? ¡Es 100% gym, dedicación y genética! 🤦🏻‍♀️Face-tune o photoshop? No, la magia del maquillaje y el contorno💁🏻‍♀️ ¡Que tengas un día maravilloso y hermoso! #sintiendomeyo

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Poor Russ just can’t catch a break. He probably bit off more than he could chew when he married a sassy South American model. He has a hard time dealing with her racy photos and high profile modeling career. Russ says it’s hard for him to deal with knowing the whole world admires his blushing bride’s fit physique. That being said, her newest product is probably hard for him to swallow. It’s true Paola has a pretty hot career. She definitely cranked up the heat with her latest project. She posed in nothing but body paint for a calendar. A portion of each $60 sale will be donated to charity. Maybe Pao’s generous heart will help Russ embrace her risque personality?

Fitness Career

No matter how much her husband Russ disapproves, Pao is passionate about her career. She’s a fitness model and inspiration for people all around the world. Just modeling the results of her hard work isn’t enough for her anymore. She’s ready to take her career to the next level. According to her website, Pao is about to launch online personal coaching services. She’s clearly taking her career very seriously. She’s not just a beautiful face for hire, she’s also ready to change lives. As a coach, Pao will show the world just how hard she works to keep her flaunt-worthy body. Russ will just have to accept that the world appreciates his wife’s gorgeous body.

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Racy Photo Shoot

Russ is uncomfortable with his wife’s career as a fitness model. Fans have criticized Russ for being too conservative when it comes to Pao’s work. She’s put hours of sweat and tears into her form. She’s pointed out that she doesn’t share her photos for attention, but to inspire others. Pao was criticized online for dressing in her signature revealing style even though she’s now heavily pregnant. She let the world know exactly how much other people’s opinions matter to her with a photo she posted as a response. The sensual Mrs. Mayfield posed for a provocative maternity photo in a bathtub full of rose petals. The biggest shock of her revealing post is that Russ himself took the photo. Maybe he's coming around?

Plastic Surgery Rumors

It seems every celebrity on earth is the subject of a plastic surgery rumor at one point or another. Pao is no different. She was graced with natural beauty but some fans can’t help but wonder if the star has gone under the knife. Fans and followers swapped whispers online, Pao addressed the issue head-on. She happily answered all of her fan’s questions. She admits to having “fixed” an uneven spot on her upper lip. As for botox, the star says she's never touched the stuff and she’s afraid to try it. Of course, Pao admits she had her chest enhanced long before she came to the US though she now says she regrets it. Pregnancy has changed her body even more than her surgery.

Distancing Herself From Juan

Juan is almost as famous as Russ and Pao have become. He’s Paola's best friend probably because he's also really honest about his opinions. Pao and Juan have been friends since before Russ came into the picture. Juan has never had a problem telling the world what he thinks of Mr. Mayfield. Juan feels like his best friend has changed due to her relationship with Russ. He’s gone so far as accusing Pao of marrying him just to get a green card. Russ is only human, after so much pushback from Juan he’s no longer a big fan of him either. After the announcement of their pregnancy, Pao made it clear that her little family is her priority and if Juan can’t play nice, he’ll have to stay away.

Living In Miami

Pao struggled to fit in when she first arrived in Oklahoma. It was a massive culture shock for the fun-loving Colombian. Oklahoma is a conservative state that wasn’t ready for her big personality. Maybe the poor fit inspired Pao to make a shocking change. Prioritizing her career over her marriage, Paola decided to make a move. Uprooting herself from Oklahoma and leaving Russ behind, Pao moved to Miami to further her career. Long distance relationships certainly aren’t the norm and long distance marriages are even less common. It’s clear that the couple is still together. Russ and Pao posted photos of the two vacationing together to their Instagram accounts and addressed rumors about their marriage being in trouble. It appears the two are still happily in love.

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Calling Out Critics

Poa tells it like it is and doesn't keep her thoughts to herself. From the first time she appeared on the show, she was comfortable being honest and sticking up for herself. She wasn’t afraid to tell her in-laws exactly what she thought of them, and she doesn't mind telling her critics either. Poa lives her life in the public eye. Reality TV stars bare their soul. You give up even more privacy as a social media darling. Some of her followers have taken issue with parts of Pao’s lifestyle. Pao's critics called her out for not only working out while pregnant but also for her personal style and even her choice in dogs. Each time she’s come under fire she hits right back. Paola Mayfield makes no apologies. 

Return To Colombia

Moving to another country is a huge deal. Leaving your friends and family behind for love is bittersweet. Most of the cast of 90 Day Fiance have also felt the same way about coming to America. The excitement of new love doesn't prevent the heartbreak of leaving home behind. Pao embraced her new life in America and jumped feet first into her new culture. That doesn’t mean she forgot where she came from. The reality star shared a vlog of her recent visit back to Colombia. She excitedly cuddles up with her family and cries with joy. 

Acting Career

As if being professionally gorgeous, frequenting a reality series and becoming a mom weren’t enough, Paola has branched out into acting too. She's a busy professional who's ready to take on even more. Her dramatic personality makes her a natural fit for the silver screen. So far her IMDB profile only contains two appearances but this is just the beginning. We’re looking forward to seeing how far she takes her new passion. What’s next for Pao? Maybe she'll shift her focus more to acting and give modeling a break? What about her budding career as a fitness coach? Whatever she chooses to focus on we’re sure she’ll turn heads. If we’ve learned anything about Mrs. Mayfield it’s that she doesn’t do anything small.

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